1 Dog At A Time Rescue UK


Registered charity No.1167007


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Age :  Born 25.3.20

Sex:  Male

Size:  Med-Large

Neutered:  Not yet

Passport and vaccinations: Yes

Location: Romania




Worthless, discarded like rubbish ... it breaks our heart that Tucker and his brothers were dumped and left to die ... before their lives had barely begun. Heartbreakingly it’s something we see all too often. Luckily for these 3 precious babies they were found by one of our friends, walking her dog in the rain. Her dog seemed very interested in the drain, on further inspection she found three terrified, soaking wet puppies ... they didn’t make a sound. She found somewhere safe for them until we had space at our shelter. Thankfully these precious babies were so little when they were rescued, they won’t remember how lucky they were to be saved or realise how much danger they were in before they were found. They just know now they have a lovely warm bed, a full tummy and they are safe & loved.

They will soon be ready to find their wonderful forever families.


If you think you could offer Tucker a safe and loving home please complete an application form for him.