Thank you for your interest in giving a home to one of our dogs. The information you provide on this form will help us to get to know you a little more.

Once we have received your completed registration form one of our rehoming team will be in touch to arrange a home check and identify if we have a dog suited to your lifestyle.  Proof of identity and age of the applicant will be required as part of the home check.

  • If you have no specific dog in mind, please state ideal size of dog (small/medium/large/extra large)
  • About your property

    Please let us know about the type of property you live in.
    If rented we will require proof of landlords permission to have a dog.
  • Please note we require a MINIMUM 5ft secure fencing on all sides, wood panel, hedge, brick or wire.
  • Details of people living at the address.

    Please put your working hours clearly, if you work from home please specify how frequently and for how long you are away from home for business meetings etc. It is vital we know when you are at home. If you are self-employed please specify business type. i.e. accountant, gardener etc.*Please note that if all questions are not answered in full we will not proceed with your application.
  • Regrettably we can no longer rehome dogs to homes with children under 6 yrs of age.
  • Your lifestyle.

    Please let us know about your current lifestyle, to ensure it's suitable for rehoming a dog.
  • Large dogs.

    Some of our dogs can grow to be large and potentially strong dogs so if you are applying for one of our larger dogs you must be able to manage a large, strong, and lively dog and be able to give it sufficient exercise.
  • Dog behaviours and lifestyle.

    To help us understand what dog would best suit your lifestyle and which of our dogs would best suit you please will you answer the following as accurately as you can.
  • Dog ages.

    If you are applying for a young dog, particularly a puppy under 6 months of age, we will require that someone is at home for most of the day. They are likely to be extremely boisterous and playful, will go through the teething process and as a result may chew. At around 9 months they become adolescents and their behavior can be testing and very demanding on your time, energy and patience.
  • Why rehome?

    Please consider carefully the long term responsibility of rehoming a dog. The financial commitment for food, care and veterinary costs will be your responsibility as soon as a dog is placed with you. We strongly recommend that you take out pet insurance to protect the dog, you and any third party.
  • Important information and your consent.

    All costs including pet passport, neutering, vaccinations and foster care will be paid by us - all we ask from you is the cost of the transport for your dog from Romania to the UK. When you agree to adopt a dog you will be required to sign an Adoption Form. 1 Dog at A Time Rescue UK will retain lifelong responsibility for the dog and should your circumstances ever change and you find you are unable to keep your dog, then you MUST contact us so that we can arrange to find a new home. We WILL follow up ALL conditions of adoption and will remove the dog/s should we find our terms and conditions are not being adhered to. If you adopt a puppy from us that is too young to be neutered at the time of adoption you will be required to sign an adoption clause agreeing to have your puppy neutered, when old enough, and at your own expense. 1 Dog at a time Rescue will follow up on the neutering clause.
  • Should you find a dog elsewhere please let us know.

Please note that due to the Registration Form’s size, it may take a little while to send after you’ve pressed the “Submit” button. Please refrain from clicking the “Submit” button multiple times. You will receive a confirmation email on successful submission.

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