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Jayne Sully

Co-Founder and Trustee

Rescue has always been my first love; right from the moment I could walk, I was rescuing. My first recollection was saving butterflies and fish from my brother’s nets, and like so many before me, I insisted my parents stop the car to rescue hedgehogs from the side of the road. As a child, I was always bringing home wounded animals and strays. I’ve grown up with dogs and have shared my happiest and saddest moments with a dog by my side.
I have worked in animal welfare for over 30 years and, alongside this, worked for 34 years as a crew member for a UK airline. My background is in customer service. Whilst flying, I became increasingly aware of the plight of the street dogs and the harsh lives they often lead: starving, abused and beaten, treated like vermin.
Having worked with several major UK animal charities, I have seen first-hand the plight of abandoned and unwanted dogs in the UK and abroad. I volunteered and fostered for a major UK charity for eight years but became disillusioned with the politics. In my spare time, I became a dog sitter, home-checker and fosterer, specialising in caring for the sick, elderly and most in need.
My 1 Dog journey started back in Oct 2012 when a picture of a bone-thin, poisoned, and beaten dog stared out at me on Facebook. The words “Is there any kind soul out there that can help?” were above his picture. His eyes tore into my heart. I just knew I had to help him. That was 11 years ago, and Fozzy, the dog I rescued that night, became my much-loved best friend and inspiration. Fozzy (the first 1 Dog) has paved the way for more than 1000 dogs to follow in his footsteps.
Since that day, I have dedicated my life to the care and well-being of the abused, forgotten and neglected street dogs out in Romania and spend my day securing the futures of the dogs we rescue.
This is how the story of 1 Dog At A Time began.

Julia Webb

My journey with 1 Dog began when l saw a photo of a dog on Facebook, huddled at the bottom of a dirty cage with the saddest eyes l had ever seen. Sadly, l knew l didn’t have the space for such a big dog, but curiosity made me look at the other dogs looking for homes. The second l saw her photo, l knew the painfully skinny, dirty, petrified little girl living in squalor and filth in the Public Shelter, trying to make herself invisible, was always meant to be mine. I would have walked to Romania to get her if l had to. Molly blessed our lives and filled our hearts with so much joy; l wanted to pay it forward on her behalf and joined the amazing 1 Dog Team to help other dogs like her. I have absolutely loved every second; I work alongside the most amazing people. It is probably the most rewarding thing l have ever done.

Sadly, we lost our precious Molly after eight wonderful years. Our family has continued growing over the years; we adopted a further seven amazing dogs, and from the moment they each arrived, each and every one stole our hearts; it’s as if they were destined to be part of the family. We also adopted four kittens from Romania. We have fostered dogs too, and we are so thankful we could help them on their journey to their forever homes. I love being part of the 1 Dog Family.

June Chapman

I have had dogs for as long as I can remember. I grew up with dogs, and then later, when my work/ life balance meant I was able to spend more time at home, it was not long before a dog (or two) joined my family.

I did puppy walking and dog socialisation and training originally and I have also fostered dogs for various rescues over the years. Some of those dogs have never left, I am what you call a failed fosterer.

I have been involved with animal rescue for a little over 35 years now, mainly dog rescue, but I have also been known to rescue the occasional cat, horse, sheep, and pig, and there were a few hens we helped find homes for, too!! I currently have two dogs of my own, who are both rescue dogs. They started off here as foster dogs but have ended up staying. I don’t currently have a 1 Dog dog, but my aim is to add a 1 Dog dog to my “pack” soon.

My role within 1 Dog at a Time Rescue is mainly administrative. It’s me and my admin team that receive your registration forms when you send them in and arrange your homechecks. I then send out your adoption forms.

I am also proud to be one of the 1DAATRUK trustees.

Lesley Lee

Hi, I’m Lesley, I’m part of the admin team and very proud mummy to my 1 Dog furbaby Herbie.

I first came acrossed 1 Dog at a Time Rescue UK in 2015 when I was browsing through facebook and saw a post with a picture of a desperate dog in a Romanian Public Shelter. It was our Herbie!! We fell for him instantly and adopted him and he’s been part of our family for more than 3 years now, we love him dearly.

I got involved in ‘doing admin’ for 1 Dog when I decided I had some time spare and I wanted to give something back to them. That was about a year ago now and I am so proud to be part of this wonderful and passionate team, helping Romanian dogs to find their happy forever home where they can live with no fear and be happy, fed and loved.

Aside from 1 Dog I am happily married, work in technology and enjoy the outdoors and adventures in our motorhome.

Pippa Scott

Hi, I am Pippa and I got involved with 1 Dog after a friend shared a post of a scared dog lying on a pallet in the Public Shelter in Bistrita. I fell in love with her and had to find out more! Her name was Flossie and she was the reason my journey with 1 Dog began. I didn’t adopt her, but I did adopt Willow and Anca, a bonded pair that had been on the streets together for five years. They have changed my life for the better, and hopefully, I have returned the favour! That was over three years ago. Helping to find these amazing dogs loving homes in the UK is such an amazing feeling. I am proud to be part of this lovely charity.

I am involved in the rehoming side, aftercare and Facebook. But try to get involved with all aspects of the work needed. I have 3 Rommies and feel truly blessed. My picture is with Alisha, who I originally fostered but has now become a much-loved member of the family.

Sally Clarkson

Hello, my name is Sally. I’m Mum to gorgeous 1 dogs, Zeus and Milo. I’m also a member of the home-checking team. I started home-checking 21/2 years ago; This came about after we were home-checked to enable us to have Zeus. As my New Year’s resolution had been, ‘I wanted to make a difference,’ I decided I would volunteer to help rescues find homes for their dogs. During the lockdowns, this led to doing virtual home checks for 1 Dog At A Time. I also have the wonderful job of catching up with you and your doggie journeys six months down the line!

Sally and Zeus | 1 Dog At a Time Rescue UK | Dedicated To Rescuing and Rehoming Romanian Street Dogs

Jan Noel​

I joined the wonderful 1 Dog at a Time Family in March 17. A simple share on Facebook and my application to adopt Annabel Amber and Jessie was successful.

After a lot of consideration and planning with the 1 Dog Team, we were then able to adopt Negrutu. Negrutu was a long stayer at Happy’s and missed Annabel, Amber and Jessie, as he used to play out with them before they left.  We built kennels for him as he was a very nervous dog and didn’t think that he would ever adapt to living in a house.  After just a week, everything changed, and Negrutu moved into the house.

I really wanted to be able to help this wonderful charity more, so I started doing some crafts to donate to the auction to help raise much-needed funds. I was very honoured when I was asked to join the fundraising team.

In July 2019 I had the most amazing opportunity to have a working week at Happy’s in Romania. Myself and Pippa had a great week helping the lovely ladies who volunteer at the kennels.  After I returned and had fallen in love with every single one of the dogs, I decided that another way of helping would be to foster. Negrutu’s empty kennels would be the perfect starting place.  We have fostered six dogs so far, with just one fail who has joined our family.

Sharon Holton

My whole life has been spent involved with animals, working with them and having them as pets. At the moment I have dogs, a cat, and sheep – all rescues!  My sister shared a post on Facebook and that was how I first heard about 1 Dog. In July 2015 Baxter joined our family, he’s the big lad in the photo.

I am the Treasurer for 1 Dog, as well as a trustee and have fostered a few dogs too.  The transport bus comes to my home, so I get to meet the new adopters and, of course, all the wonderful dogs. I love the transport days, they are very special.  1 Dog is an amazing charity which achieves so much and I am very proud to be a part of such a dedicated and passionate team.

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If your query relates to anything else and you can’t find the information on our website, then please feel free to get in touch.

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