1 Dog At A Time Rescue UK


Registered charity No.1167007

1 Dog At A Time Rescue UK is an organisation dedicated to rescuing Romanian Street Dogs


Who we are.........

We are a team of volunteers who have seen the treatment that faces the street and stray dog population in Romania.

We at 1 dog at a time rescue cannot stand by and do nothing, we have pledged to help where we can. We rescue as many of these poor souls and find them loving forever homes here in the UK.

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Other ways you can help us.....

Are you able to help by giving a monthly donation? Or a one off donation. Every penny of which goes to caring for the dogs. Please give what you can afford to help give these frightened, neglected dogs the care and love they need.



Helping 1 dog won't change the world but it will mean the world to that 1 dog .





1 Dog at a Time Rescue UK is all about putting each dog in the centre of everything we do, finding out what they need, and making sure we find the very best home for them. We always put our dogs first. From the very first moment to the last, each dog is treated with dignity and respect. Without personal ego, we will do what is best for each of them.


                       Austin                                                               Eddie

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Follow the amazing story and recovery of our gorgeous Alisha.


Without Happys this would not have been possible.




Eddie is approximately 1 year old.  He is large size, neutered and has had all his vaccinations.  He was found wandering the streets.  He needs an experienced owner as he needs training.  For that reason sadly he cannot live with children.  He would be more suited as an only dog so he can have the time and commitment given to him that he deserves.  He loves people and is a really sociable boy, he has huge potential, he just needs some help and guidance, which sadly through no fault of his own he has never had.  






Hello, my name is Austin and I was rehomed with my brother Cooper in October 2019. All I want to do is play, but Cooper doesn’t want to play with me anymore sibling rivalry has come into play, and I now find myself needing a new home.

Please can that be you?

I know there must be a home out there which is perfect for me.


It is with the deepest sadness we have to announce, this morning , surrounded by his loving family at home , Our Darling Stanley, lost his fight with cancer.


I hope Stanleys legacy will live on inside each and every one of us as we remember his life, and how some truly wonderful people came together to help 1 very poorly but extremely special dog.  After years of being unloved and neglected Stanley finally found his special family and the loving home he truly deserved.


With all our hearts we thank you Marius and Elena for giving him the most wonderful month, full of kindness and love. We just wish he could have been with you for longer.                                                                          


A dog's life on the streets of Romania.


As if their lives weren’t already hard enough, during lockdown, the street dogs of Romania have had to endure unprecedented hardship.  We see first hand the suffering and heartbreaking conditions these dogs find themselves in.  The simplest and most effective way to spare these dogs this suffering is to prevent more unwanted puppies from being born by undertaking spay and neuter projects.  

So when we heard that an amazing charity in Romania were doing just that, but needed our help, we knew we couldn’t turn our back. We decided to collaborate with them, and work together to really make a difference.

The reality is every female and her offspring, can produce in 6 years up to 67,000 puppies.  One female dog being spayed can literally prevent the suffering of thousands.

The spay & neuter campaign has just begun, we will of course keep you updated and share photos of the amazing work being done.  

It’s because of your amazing support, we can make such a difference.






















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