Gary and Susan with Rosa

Rosa is definitely the centre of our household and is more than we could have hoped for. Her first few days were spent almost exactly where she arrived: in the middle of our hallway on a large dog bed. The changes in her have been dramatic. Our first attempts at car journeys generally ended up with me sitting in the boot of the car holding bits of sausage and Rosa firmly planted in the garden, refusing to budge!

Most days now, we are able to take her off lead for an hour or more around local footpaths and bridleways. Her recall is amazing. She now travels in the car, sitting perched in the middle of the back seat, harness on, ears up, ready to growl at passing dogs. Rosa has just returned from a few days in Norfolk with us for a holiday. Her journey with us continues to bring new experiences and challenges, but do we have any regrets in sharing our lives with her? ABSOLUTELY NOT. She is a superstar.


Keren and Nigel Mattfield with Rex

We adopted Rex in 2022. He was 9 years old. Jayne knew from the start that Rex was the dog for us, and we were the humans for him. We considered taking 2 dogs, but when Nigel became hospitalised and took time to recover, Jayne was accommodating and proposed that we foster Rex to begin with to see how we got on. Although we were having a rough time of it, we remained excited about welcoming Rex into our family. 1 Dog At A Time Rescue UK was very considerate and keen to ensure that we could cope with Rex. He settled in straight away and is my constant companion. He loves his walks and his home comforts and is brilliant with the grandchildren, who make sure he doesn’t forget how to play! He gets me up and out walking in the mornings and gives us the hard stare in the evenings until we sit on the sofa and snuggle up with him! We cannot imagine life without him now and are pleased to have joined the ranks of failed fosterers!



Geraldine and David McCombe with Tammie

We adopted Tammie just over a year ago and cannot praise 1 Dog At A Time Rescue enough for their devotion and expertise in finding the right home for their rescue dogs. From the start of the process of adopting Tammie through to her arrival, we were guided and supported by Jayne and her dedicated volunteers. We received updates and videos of her progress as we waited for her arrival. We followed her journey across Europe to England via the Transport Chat and now feel we are part of the 1 Dog family and able to follow the progress of all the adopters and dogs. Support and advice continue for as long as you may need it, and with the wealth of experience 1 Dog has, you can get help with any problem you may encounter. If you are considering adopting from overseas, you will not be disappointed with 1 Dog. We feel blessed to have adopted Tammie, who is the most loving and happy dog and has settled into our family really well.



Danielle Giannotti with Jessica

We had been looking to get another dog for a little while, and I had always liked the idea of a rescue but didn’t know where from. I started looking on the website and saw a video of Jessica. I looked into her soulful eyes in the video, and I knew we had to have her.

I applied online and was then contacted to supply some info and do a home check. We spoke to the team, who were extremely thorough, approachable and professional and then finally had our talk with Jayne. They make sure 100% that they feel the dogs are going to good homes, so I knew from all their questions there was no doubt about the deep care and compassion they hold.

Jessica has become my best friend. It fills my heart with joy to see her so happy and feeling safe now with her own family at home. Thank you, 1 Dog, for bringing Jessica into our lives! We couldn’t imagine life without her.





Debbie Norley with Scooby

I applied for Scooby (was Pepe) and had to wait until he reached the necessary four months to come over.
Fortunately, he and 2 out of 3 siblings were rescued at only four weeks old and hand-reared by the wonderful team at Happy’s Veterinary Practice before moving on to Happy’s kennels when they were old enough.
He is an absolute treasure but a great character too! No vices apart from being far too friendly to everyone and everything and deeply inquisitive!
Jayne and her team do an amazing job, and I constantly recommend this rescue to anyone thinking of getting a Romanian rescue, as they are so well-adjusted (unlike an awful lot of other poor dogs).

Samantha Wallace with Mattie

Like a lot of people, I saw my pup Mattie’s story on Facebook; I knew I was in a position to do something wonderful for a wee chap whose story just hit hard, and so the adventure began.

Starting with the vetting procedure for potential owners, making sure their adopted animals have a safe, secure and loving home with owners who have been fully informed of what to expect, and discussing the dog’s environment and needs, once approved to adopt, your journey with 1 Dog At A Time begins. You will become part of the 1 Dog At A Time family, and it doesn’t stop with your dog arriving.

1 Dog At A Time has a professional team of volunteers, with a huge amount of backup constantly available for new owners and throughout your journey with your best friend/s, both cats and dogs. Because of this and their ability to match families with potential pooches/ kitties, you can rest assured it will be a fantastic experience.

Sharon Hailes with Ted, Jerry and Leo

In 2015, we lost 2 of our dogs only months apart; as a family, we were heartbroken and initially vowed not to have any more dogs as it was too upsetting to lose them. However, we soon realised that our home, although cleaner, was just too quiet, so we decided we would have another dog. We came across 1 Dog At A Time Rescue UK and spent a long time looking through all the sad faces and reading the awful stories of all these poor souls in the public shelter. We knew Ted was the one we wanted, and he arrived in Sept 2015. It was amazing watching his transformation over the following few months, and we knew we could save another, so in Dec 2015, Jerry arrived. We came across our beautiful pup Leo, and he arrived in Dec 2021. Leo is the boss and has his big brothers wrapped around his little paw. Our boys are loved dearly, and we will be forever grateful to 1 Dog for bringing them to us.

Suzi Galloway with Bonnie and Honey

We collected Honey and Bonnie in March 2022, and from application, to collection, we cannot fault the service and support from the 1 Dog team. The application process was easy to follow, with plenty of care taken by 1 Dog to make sure we were right for our pups. Having a community with a wealth of experience has helped us settle the girls into their new life with no questions too silly. The service and support from the 1 Dog team didn’t stop once we got home; with catch-up calls to make sure the girls are doing well, the care for the dogs they’ve rehomed really shines through.
We often get stopped and asked where we got our beautiful dogs, Honey with her unique colouring and Bonnie with her super shiny coat. Both dogs came with their own quirks, making them all the more worth it. Our girls are so special, and I couldn’t imagine life without them.

John and Sally Fothergill with Yana and Monte

We have two dogs through 1 Dog At A Time Rescue UK, Yana nearly 2 years ago and Monte a year ago. It was amazing the amount of care they took to ensure we had the right dogs for us, and dogs that would be able to co-exist happily.

They provide lots of backup, help and advice, and are always there for us when we have problems. Couldn’t be more impressed!

Mary Ambrose with Timmi

If you are looking to rehome a dog, have no fear of rescuing a dog from abroad, I can assure you that this charity has got to be one of the best run charities rehoming from Romania! All the volunteers are so caring, compassionate, and so dedicated, only wanting the best outcome for the dog and the new owner. They are so brilliant at matching the dog to the right home, having found out about your own experiences with dogs and where you live and what your lifestyle is like. Right from the beginning of the process, you are given all the information you need, knowing that the dog has been assessed and knowing what he is like with other dogs and people. Even when the dog is in transport across Europe, they keep you well informed about where they are. You are well prepared to live with your dog and adjust to life with your new friend. They offer full rescue backup, which is reassuring. I wholeheartedly urge you to get in touch with 1 Dog At A Time Rescue; you won’t regret it.

Anna O’Callaghan with Percy & Millie

It’s not easy getting a dog from 1 Dog At A Time Rescue. There were interviews; telephone conversations; videos, and we were not finally approved until we could prove that we had increased the height of our garden fence, as requested. That thoroughness and determination to ensure we were the right match for these special dogs is typical of this meticulously professional organisation. From that moment, we felt supported by a network of people for whom the best outcome for the dogs is of paramount importance.

Fourteen-month-old Percy arrived in July. He has the sweetest temperament you could imagine. He was such a dream we also got six-month-old Millie in October. She is full of mischievous energy and affection. We have been fortunate to have encountered few issues but know that a wealth of expertise and experience would be on hand if required.

People often stop us when we’re walking and ask about our beautiful dogs and their breed. We are proud to say they are Rommies – Romanian Rescue Dogs, and for those who say they’ve often thought of getting a rescue, we say we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend 1Dog.

Annie Oakley with Rupert & Reggie

In the year 2020, the decision was made we were going to get another Romanian puppy, but this time from 1 Dog At A Time Rescue UK. And what a great decision that was. We filled in the adoption forms and chose Rupert from the available dogs.

Time was getting closer, and this was when we joined the transport chat; this was a big help as we got to know others in the same boat as we were. Reggie’s people had dropped out, and we were asked to foster him; of course we would; he was and still is beautiful. As the days went by, they grew in both confidence and size. At this point, we were asked about Reggie’s behaviour and habits for those inquiring about adopting him. OH NO, no one is having our Reggie. Yes, we adopted him too! We were now failed fosterers and very proud of it.

I look at them sometimes, and I can’t help wondering what their lives might have been like without the saving grace of 1 Dog; it doesn’t bear thinking about. They are here with us, living their best lives.

Erica Barnes with Gracie

Our lovely Gracie came to us 8 months ago from Romania via 1 Dog At A Time Rescue. The process from us seeing her on the internet, being thoroughly vetted by Jayne Sully and us being identified as being suitable owners for Gracie took approximately 2 weeks. Their vetting process is very thorough, as would be expected. From picking Gracie up, the charity has been there for us every step of the way. Advising us on what to do on the journey home, how to introduce her into the home and her first night and first few weeks. We haven’t had many issues to deal with, but we have always had advice when we needed it.
1 Dog At A Time is like a big family; we are all in it together to make sure these dogs live the best life they can.
Gracie went from being on the streets having had four very young puppies to living a great life with us.

Jacquie Baughan with Evie

In December, my little darling Evie arrived on the happy bus to start her new life. We could follow their trip from the moment they boarded their transport bus, all through the different countries to get to Calais to board the euro tunnel. Prior to this stage, I had had a home check and lengthy phone calls to make sure Evie would be suitable for me and that I would suit Evie’s needs. I had live video clips of Evie, which was so good to see her in person. Evie has settled really well, and I absolutely love her, but it’s good to know that 1 Dog rescue family are there if needed; they are all so dedicated to animal welfare, and finding loving homes for these dogs. I would not hesitate to recommend this charity to anyone thinking of adopting one of these lovely dogs.

Julie Goodsman with Mina and Rosie

I came across 1 Dog At A Time Rescue UK and was really upset by the plight of these poor souls. I very quickly fell in love with a three month old pup Mina; her mum had given birth to four puppies on a woodpile, completely alone and neglected. We collected Mina in July 2020, and it was love at first sight. She settled very quickly and has lit up our home.

Mum Rosie had run away shortly after her pups went into rescue. She was missing for a few months, before being found. I just had to have her, and she came to us in November 2020. Over the next few months, we gained her trust. The day she picked up a toy and played with it I couldn’t stop crying. She is the sweetest, character who makes us laugh every day.

Rescuing a dog is the most rewarding experience, and I thoroughly recommend it. 1 Dog At A Time Rescue are a professional, dedicated team who are always there for you, supportive and full of good advice, you never feel alone. Being part of the 1 Dog family is a true privilege.


Sharon Lawrence with Bobby

I Found 1 Dog on Facebook and started buying raffle tickets and bidding on the Auction, I then saw Bobby!

The online form was easy to fill out and a lovely lady did a home check.  As you can not visit the dogs, I was sent a series of videos showing what Bob was like, he was so well behaved and handsome that I knew I wanted him.

Bobby came over on the November 2016 Freedom Bus, and has been amazing!!  He had never been upstairs or seen a hoover, but he got used to us and we to him.  He is a bit reactive on the lead but is much better and can now be let off of the lead to play with his friend Chocolate.

He has a huge heart and just loves Love!!  He goes on holiday with the family and is just a fun dog.

Would I rescue again??   YES, Yes I would.  1 Dog has supported me throughout, and I have made some wonderful Human friends too.

Rosemary & Gerry Jacob with Tilly & Peppa

I suspect, like many of us, my first encounter with 1 Dog At A Time Rescue UK was when I came across a story posted on Facebook.  We had lost two of our beloved rescue dogs in the past year or so and were looking for a companion for Poppy, our elderly rescue GSD, who was missing her pack.  

Up popped a picture of Tilly (then Tia), so I submitted the application and was soon contacted by Jayne. After a long chat and a home check she was ours. Poppy and Tilly were best friends, but sadly two years ago Poppy passed away, so we decided to look for a companion for Tilly. 

We spotted a photo of Peppa (was Cora) and soon she was ours. We were kept up to date with photos and videos until she arrived. After four months they started playing together and are now best friends.

I can only say that 1 Dog is very professionally run by a wonderful army of volunteers, and everything from application to arrival day is brilliantly organised.  Thank you 1 Dog, for entrusting Tilly and Peppa to our care; they are greatly loved!

Tanya Charlton with Paddy

I had been following 1 Dog At A Time Rescue on Facebook for quite some time, however as we already had two dogs, we never dreamed of getting another. That was until we saw Paddington pop up on the page. It was love at first sight for both myself and my husband, and we wanted nothing more than to make him part of our family.

1 Dog At A Time Rescue worked closely with us, providing all the support for both ourselves and Paddington throughout the rescue process, and I couldn’t recommend them more. Paddington arrived happy, healthy and well looked after and has grown into a very handsome chap! He’s full of character and never fails to make you smile: his favourite relaxing spots include backs of sofas, and he’s always keen to chase a squirrel, no matter how many times you tell him not to! He gets along amazingly with our other two dogs and has settled into the little brother role perfectly.

I cannot thank this rescue enough for all the work they put into rescuing and socialising these wonderful dogs and giving them a second chance at life.

Julie & Mark Foy with Nana

I was considering a dog but had lots of concerns and considerations, and on browsing a friends’ post, I came across dog stories on the 1 Dog Facebook page, one story in particular of how Nana had been rescued in the snow with her pups.

I saw how devoted and loving the Romanian volunteers were, how they worked together with the English volunteers and how they had achieved so much. I watched the video of Eli singing to the dogs and read about Nana and her pups, her fight for survival and how two of her pups had found new homes in the UK. I told my husband, and he was equally smitten about the story of Happy’s and how the dogs lived at this amazing place, where they were shown love and then found suitable homes.

The 1 Dog At A Time volunteers are all dedicated people who love animals who have met each other through the charity and want to give back and support them in their goals and continue the fantastic success stories. Passing on a wealth of experience and knowledge, having successfully rehomed 100’s of dogs and made 100’s of friends and supporters.

Nana is our first ever Romanian rescue, but almost certainly not the last. We chose to adopt and later also fostered another dog with 1 Dog and would thoroughly recommend them and can guarantee the support given all the way through was exceptional. I felt reassured with the organised, friendly and professional approach. I spoke at length with people with all my concerns and questions, and they were happy to help.

In my experience, someone is always just a text or a phone call away, or you can ask the group chats: there is lots of help and advice. It’s great that other adopters and fosters love to hear about and see updates, and likewise, it’s great to see the dogs become relaxed and confident.

Overall they have a great family of people who we consider as friends. We feel so lucky for the opportunity to adopt a 1 Dog dog and Nana is a Happy’s hero, and we are so proud of her.

You guys are all amazing thanks for doing what you do; you are all superheroes.

Jane & Andrew Dolder with Pepper and Willow

Deciding to adopt a rescue, I found 1 Dog At A Time Rescue UK online and filled out a registration form. We had a home check, which we were a little nervous about, but everyone was friendly and helpful. Next, we got a call from Jayne to say they had a 7 month old girl who was coming over to go into foster (she’d been thrown over Happy’s fence at 8 weeks old with her littermates). Jayne said she would fit in perfectly with our two dogs. We were a little unsure as we were looking for medium size, and she was going to be large, so we said we would foster her. Pepper arrived on the Freedom Bus, and we immediately fell in love. She was so scared and timid. We decided to adopt her at that moment but didn’t have the nerve to say until about 4 days later! Jayne already guessed she wasn’t going anywhere! Of course, you just can’t stop at one!

Eighteen months later, I was scrolling through the 1Dog Facebook page and saw Willow. She was abandoned on the streets in the snow at about 5 months old. She looked so happy and had the waggiest tail despite her experience. Once again, we met the Freedom Bus and collected Willow. She was completely different to Pepper, wagging her tail and looking out of the car window on the way home. Both girls have needed time and patience to blossom, and it’s not always been easy, but the 1 Dog team have always been there to help us. 1 Dog has become a huge part of our lives, and we can’t thank them enough for the fantastic job they are doing for these beautiful dogs (and us very lucky humans!).

Kathy Strachan with Kammi and Jaimie

When my Westie died suddenly in 2019, I found a great big hole in my life but thought I’d never replace him. Moving on a few months, I gradually realised that it was time to have another dog and started looking at rescue dogs. It is sad to see how many dogs need a home, so I decided I would get two small dogs.

After talking to several local and international rescue organisations, I decided that 1 Dog at a Time Rescue had an excellent and well organised system in place, and so I soon had a home visit. The dog that had originally caught my eye had been rehomed, but I soon settled on Kammi and Jaimie as they got on well together.

They arrived just after lockdown in 2020 after a long journey to Aberdeenshire – it must have been hard for both of them, but especially Kammi, who is carsick a lot.
They couldn’t be more different – Jaimie is more nervous but so smart and knows how to get a treat when an action is requested. Kammi is obviously in charge of the 3 of us and likes to set the pace and direction! She is also quite reactive to other dogs, and so we don’t let dogs approach us, which can be difficult with some off lead dogs and not so helpful dog owners! But she is getting better all the time.

Both dogs love people, especially children, and they have to stop to get petted by everyone we meet. Shocked looks are cast at anyone who just walks by!

1 Dog has been great to deal with, and I can highly recommend them. I know I can always get advice if needed, and I would not be without my wee Jammies (keep blending their names when speaking to them, it must be an age thing).

Jane Ecob with Leo and Bella

I found 1 Dog At A Time Rescue through a friend. I had one rescue dog already from the UK, and two others from puppies but not from abroad. I saw Leo and fell in love; I was accepted and had lots of support, as I asked lots of questions. Leo has settled in very well, and I was not going to have another dog, but I saw Bella and fell in love and was happy to say I was accepted to have Bella.
The adopter’s page on Facebook and the website is great, a community you can ask questions and find support.
Leo is the most loving dog; Bella is a whirlwind of fun, loves furry, squeaky toys, and they both get on well with my other dogs.
1 Dog takes in dogs day/night and goes the extra mile to save dogs in Romania; I highly recommend getting a rescue from 1 Dog.

Julie Nichol with Bobby and Bessie

After losing my old Doberman Indi, I was feeling so lost. My friend shared a post on Facebook for 1 Dog At A Time Rescue, and how could I resist? I could give the perfect home to a dog that hadn’t had the best start. I found Bessie and fell in love with her straight away, so I put my application in. When I was talking to Jayne, I quickly discovered little disabled Bobbie, who was sharing a kennel with her, and after seeing the video of how close their bond was, he had to come home too. I cannot stress how much I love these two little dogs; Bessie is my absolute soul mate, Bobby never leaves my side, and his disability never stops him from living life to the full. 1 Dog do the most wonderful thing giving these dogs a second chance of security and happiness; thank you for bringing my babies to me.xxx

Karen Palmer with Poppy and Coco

My journey to adopting with 1 Dog At A Time Rescue UK started with a share from a friend on Facebook, introducing me to this wonderful charity. For us, it was truly life changing in a really positive, rewarding way.

This amazing organisation will help you get the most from each dog, and they are always there for you and for your dog – just ask and importantly listen even if it doesn’t feel right as a Romanian rescue dog isn’t always like every other dog, and these people know how to help.

Janet Tester with Rio and Lilylou

Rio (was Cleo), came up on my Facebook with the headline “Have you forgotten about me”? So I went to the 1 Dog At A Time Rescue UK website, and there were these poor souls just needing someone to care for them. Rio arrived in 2015; she had been in foster, so she easily settled with my labs. She is such a princess.
Lilylou popped up 18mths later, found at the side of the road, without her pups. I just couldn’t get her out of my mind, knowing I could make her life better. Lilylou is a working progress; she is such a loving girl in the house. Rio and Lilylou are really bonded.

If you are considering adopting from abroad, 1 Dog At A Time Rescue will work tirelessly to match you with the right dog. Their support and backup for you and your dog are always there; with great advice, you become part of an extended family, sharing tips, also helping with any problems that might arise.

Cathryn Watters and Raffles

When we met Raffles, it wasn’t him that we were actually going to meet. We had looked up the dogs on the website and picked a lovely fellow we thought would be just right. Going to the kennels and meeting the team was great; we met our chosen one, but after some chats with the team, we were also introduced to a few others, one of which was Raffles. Sharon and her colleagues told us he was the best fit for our family and us, and they were so right.

We had never fostered before but felt we were experienced with dogs, having grown up with them, and we had a chocolate lab who had taken about 4 years to calm down so, we felt he was a good induction.

Nothing really prepared us for Raffles. From day 1 he was so loving, would really lean in like he wanted you to wrap him up and snuggle forever. It’s a good job, as after his initial settling in, he certainly found his feet, and I will not lie, he was a little bit of a challenge.
The team at 1 Dog had been very honest about his previous family, and we wanted to go for it.

His ability to escape was incredible but classic apparently – get the right harness – lesson 1.
His recall took a long time – don’t be lulled, get an extendable lead and take your time – lesson 2.
The number of time I thought he had got there, let him off his lead and then his ability to cover the miles made Ussain Bolt look like the slowest snail! Dont be fooled – Lesson 3
He was protective from day 1, would bark at every car that passed and often at most people, but as time went on, his confidence grew and he would stick with us more rather than trying to run away.
He still barked, but it was less aggressive and more inquisitive. But he’s a big dog, and we had to appreciate some people passing will misunderstand him, so we protect him from them rather than the other way around. People will misunderstand their behaviour – their problem, not yours Lesson 4

He is cheeky, a real chancer and knows how to play the crowd. But now his trust is gained; he is so loyal. I would thoroughly recommend 1 Dog – they get it right, and they know their dogs. Not all Rommie rescues are straightforward. There are some habits you won’t change, but it is so worth it, so please, if you are going to commit – commit and let your dog set the pace.

Kryss Fairley and Pete

After losing my dog at 15 years old, I vowed never to get another, but the sense of loss was overwhelming, and I knew I had to fill the emptiness.
One day I talked to a new staff member, and he told me he had adopted through 1 Dog At A Time Rescue UK, and that was it. I was on the website looking for my boy. I wasn’t successful immediately, but I believe that it wasn’t to be, and there was a dog waiting for me, so I kept trying.

Then along came my Pete. I couldn’t believe my luck; he was so gorgeous. I remember asking the rehoming team what he was like, and they said, “he just wants a mummy”, and that sums my boy up perfectly.

The process was easy, everyone was helpful, and in July 2017, we drove to Glasgow to pick him up. Before Covid, Pete came into my work with me every day and was made a fuss off by everyone. He just settled down in his bed and was as good as gold.

I promote rescue to everyone as they will never regret it. I will definitely apply again for a friend for Pete, but for now, I am just enjoying having him. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have him in my life and I tell him every day

David and Helen Haines with Murray and Maddie

Having lost both our beloved dogs a little over two years ago, just five weeks between their passing, we came across 1 Dog At A Time Rescue UK on Facebook. Instantly the decision was made that now was the time to bring another dog into the family, and seeing all the dogs needing a new life; it was pretty much a no-brainer that we didn’t need to look anywhere else.
Looking through the many photos, we came across a sibling group of four puppies, three brothers and a sister. Maddie was just a ball of fluff, whereas the three boys were all short haired. Murray, the biggest of the group, had really sad eyes and a face just begging to be loved. So decision made, we’d enquire if either was available. Murray was, but Maddie had been reserved already.
Home check complete, everything ready, then Maddie’s picture re-appeared on the available list, she was available again. Only one thing for it, it had to be 2 dogs at a time (unbeknown to Helen). 1 Dog did a great job of keeping David’s 2nd dog a surprise. Save for the slight delay in their arrival due to the 1st Covid lockdown and closure of European borders (daily video updates sent from Happys kept the connection to the dogs); everything went smoothly. Then suddenly they were here, roll on almost a year, they’ve adjusted and come on brilliantly. Completely different personalities and a few issues with Murray’s anxieties but wouldn’t change them for the world.

Phillipa Esling with Aimee

One Sunday, we met a lovely lady on a walk who had a 1 Dog dog and she highly recommended that we get in touch with 1 Dog At A Time Rescue UK, as during our conversation, as I had expressed an interest in homing a Romanian Rescue dog. We looked at the website and spotted Aimee, and arranged a home visit with Lesley. Within a few days, I was on my way to meet Aimee with Sharon from the charity who was overseeing her care in kennels, where Aimee had lived for over a year, waiting to be homed. Sharon advised me not to make eye contact with Aimee as she was so extremely nervous, and we went for a walk. On the way back, I was able to take the lead, and Aimee trotted happily alongside me, and the decision was made to offer her a home. Sharon’s advice was and continues to be invaluable.

Aimee loves her home, but the outside world can still be a scary place. We have had great advice from the behaviourists at 1 Dog, and Aimee has done so well in our work together to overcome many aspects of her nervousness. Sharon kindly put me in touch with the owner of Aimee’s Mum, and we have compared notes to find that they are very much like mother like daughter.

I would definitely recommend 1 Dog to anyone considering homing a rescue dog as then they could experience all the joy and rewards of giving a very special dog a home, as we have.

Michelle Mulder with Lia

After losing my Staffy in May 2018, we approached a number of big name rescues about adoption. We really struggled to be considered as we live on a small holding, so not your traditional suburban property with 6ft fenced garden. Indeed some charities were downright rude, dismissing us outright, despite being experienced dog owners being able to provide a good home.

 A friend recommended 1 Dog, and what a difference. It was obvious from the start that matching dogs to the best home was their focus. After a number of calls and a home inspection visit, we found our gorgeous Lia. She has been a joy from the start. 

 I cannot recommend 1 Dog At A Time Rescue UK highly enough. Placing dogs in the right home is their number one priority.

Debbie Barton and Rosie

Having reached, shall we say, somewhere in my 40s, with no experience of owning a dog, I was really excited and a little bit nervous about getting our first ever family dog. Sharon, from 1 Dog At A Time, has been absolutely amazing. She spent a lot of time painting a very clear picture of what it is like owning a dog. The joys as well as all the challenges you need to overcome, particularly with a rescue dog. I felt very prepared, and it was so helpful that Sharon took so much time to go through everything. We were so excited that we did not have to wait too long for our lovely Rosie.  We drove for a couple of hours to meet Rosie and took her for a walk. She was a little shy, but my 9-year-old was smitten, and so were we. Rosie was 6 months old when she joined our family. When she came home with us, a bit of patience was needed at first, and 1 Dog had prepared us well for this. Rosie needed to learn to trust us and settle down in our home, which happened surprisingly quickly. She is so intelligent we have had loads of fun learning tricks and I love cuddles with her. I had so many questions, both big and small, and the 1 Dog family have helped us every step of the way. You can find the answers to most questions from reading posts on their Facebook page or asking other experienced dog owners. If you can’t get answers there, 1 Dog have been amazing at answering direct messages. Sharon has even joined me for walks with her dog to help me socialise Rosie (which has not been easy during lockdown). I love the way 1 Dog really listen to the type of dog you want and understand your capabilities as a newbie to dog ownership. They really make sure that you get the right dog and care a great deal about making sure dogs find their forever home.

Jacqui and Nick Nicholls with Dilly

We had been thinking about adopting a rescue dog and decided we were finally ready in August 2020 after my westie died in 2016. After lots of due diligence and fact finding on all aspects of rescue, we looked on the website, and there was our Dilly. I just knew he was the dog for us, and luckily my husband agreed, so we filled out the application form on the Sunday and got a call from Jayne Sulley on the Tuesday. We did the virtual home check due to Covid 19 by video and had a video interview with Jayne on the Wednesday, where we were told we were successful and could pick him up on Saturday !!!  Jayne was very thorough and gave us loads of useful information, all of which we have used as adopting a Romanian Street dog requires a new set of skills. We were kept informed of every step of the journey with updates. The journey is long and stressful, and Dilly did have a meltdown when he arrived (who can blame him, he’s been through a lot in his little life), but with guidance and support from Jayne, Sharon, Pippa and other fellow 1 Dog adopters and fosterers, we showed him we were there for him forever, and once he turned the corner and trusted us, all the patience and calm did pay off.

Dilly is honestly the most brilliant, funny, affectionate little wonder, and we absolutely adore him, so much so that we are now set to adopt a baby sister for him from 1 Dog in a few weeks time. 

We have a healthy, very happy little dog who’s previous life was a nightmare, 1 Dog changed his life and ours so much for the better.

This is a fantastic organisation that makes a huge difference to the plight of street dogs in Romania. They are very thorough in matching the right adopters to the right dog. Their support and aftercare is second to none. I would not hesitate in recommending them to any sincere prospective adopter.

We cannot thank you enough 1 Dog x

Emma Eustace with Roxy and Rolo

We had been looking for a rescue dog for a little while to join our 13 year old rescue male dog. We stumbled across a photo of Roxy (Rusty) and fell in love with her story and wanted to give her a home. 1 Dog At A Time Rescue UK were amazing from start to the present day.  Their checks were thorough; they helped us with advice on settling the dogs in and are still there now to help on training needs etc. We were so happy with their service and genuine love for what they do that we adopted a 2nd dog from them four months later (Rolo). 

Both Roxy and Rolo are the best of friends. They have been amazing. When we look to adopt again, it would only be from 1 Dog.


Janneke Merkx and Remy

After deciding I was ready for a dog in my life, I started looking for organisations that looked trustworthy and genuine. 1 Dog At A Time Rescue UK came out on top by a mile, and I submitted an application in late 2018 for my Remy. After a very pleasant and thorough initial phone conversation, which only affirmed that 1Dog is genuinely here for the dogs and their best welfare, I had a home check, and then the great news came in that Remy would come to live with me. Then followed a long wait for Remy to get to the UK, but in that time 1Dog was in touch regularly with pictures and videos of Remy, as well as very useful advice to make sure us new owners were fully ready and prepared to give our dogs the best start in their new life. When finally the big day arrived, it could not have been more pleasant, despite all the nerves and anticipation. Remy quickly settled into life with me, and I can honestly not thank 1Dog enough for bringing him to me – he is everything they said he would be and more! After taking Remy home, they are still there for any problems or questions you may have, and the adopters Facebook group is a joy. Remy is my best friend and shadow, and I cannot imagine life without him. We will soon be celebrating his second Gotcha Day. 

Annie Oakley with Ronnie and Reggie

These photos are of our beautiful fur babies Rupert and Reggie, from the 18th July 2020 journey home, to now and they are still going and growing. It was the most memorable, emotional and exciting day.  It was all planned and delivered by 1 Dog At A Time Rescue charity for us adopters, and they have continued their support ever since. They have proven to be the most caring charity, from the lovely ladies in Romania with their primary care, to the 1 Dog team in this country. Each and every one of them constantly cares, loves endlessly and never gives up on any dog that comes their way. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have discovered 1 Dog who trusted us with our fur ever babies, we thank them all. 

Fi Tatem and Ron

1 Dog At A Time Rescue UK has been so amazing.
Lots of people told me to be very careful about Romanian rescue ‘charities’ and the types of dog they would be rehoming.
But honestly, we wouldn’t have had even a tenth of the support and guidance buying a new puppy in the UK, that we have had with these wonderful, caring supportive people.
We adopted Ron in July 2020.
The whole experience made us feel welcome, supported and really assured. It takes a little time to get the house checks and paperwork done, but that’s all so that everything is good for you and your new family member. It’s so important. There is an abundance of information and direct support once they arrive and lots of contact with other adopters.
Everyone who works and volunteers for the charity cares about the dogs so much, from the UK to those that work in the rescue centre in the mountains in Romania! Ron has turned our worlds upside down in a fabulous way, and we will always support and hold 1 Dog At A Time Rescue in our hearts for everything they do. X

Elaine Harrington and Mikka

My friend Lesley rescued two dogs from 1 Dog At A Time Rescue UK.  So, on I went to the website, wanting to love a second dog to be with my Battersea boy Kirk.

The moment I looked at the pictures, I stopped on our Mikka and fell in love. She was being looked after by who I feel is now our friend Sorrin, a fosterer for 1 Dog.  Sorrin sent me updates, videos, and despite the language barrier we communicated, (it was a caring thing).

Mikka was the last baby off the happy bus in lockdown, one month late. You can imagine the excitement.  Well, that was nearly eight months ago, we still chat with Sorrin. Kirk sadly passed away. But Mikka is the most loving and daft, silly, slipper loving dog I have ever rescued.

If I ever needed support, it was there. If I needed advice, it was there. I absolutely understand she was not in the awful kennel (thank God) but however you find your love in the form of a dog, does it matter? No!

I love the community that is 1 Dog and will support them always.

Elspeth Craig and Flora (Shelby)

We were thinking about a sister for our rescued staffie but hadn’t done anything about it until Facebook showed us photos of Shelby and Scarlet.  Before I had even had a proper discussion with my other half, he’d filled in the adoption form. Within 2 weeks, we’d had our home check done and were told the amazing news that we were getting Shelby.  Although it meant a 10hour round trip to pick her up, it was totally worth it as she’s made our family complete, fitting in straight away with no more issues than you would expect from any puppy. Whilst she’s a cheeky nutter who makes us laugh every day, she’s had the biggest effect on her big brother – although he’s still scared of many things like fireworks and loud cars,  Flora (as she is now called) takes his mind off it, usually by grabbing a toy and sticking it in his face until he can’t think about anything else. There is rarely room in our bed as most of the space is taken up by 2 spooning, snoring doggies. Whilst we have adopted before, the advice and sense of community with 1Dog is amazing and unique  – the adopters and fosterers page means we can keep in touch with the other dogs from Flora’s happy bus including her sister. Whilst adopting any pet can be a challenge,  it only takes a bit of time and patience to make it the most rewarding thing you can do 😊

Karen Hyden and Chrissy

We’d thought about adopting another dog but weren’t sure where to start then a friend of mine adopted a beautiful girl from 1 Dog At A Time Rescue UK. We looked on the website and there she was our special girl, we fell in love at first sight so we filled out the application form for her which was really easy to do even for me, a lovely man called Ian came and did our home check which was very thorough but not as scary as we thought it would be, he answered all our questions and put our mind at ease about the adoption. Then we kept our fingers crossed…… A lovely lady called Jayne rang to ask a few more questions and she gave us more useful information and then told us we had been successful and we were to be Chrissys new Mom and Dad. The couple of weeks leading up to meeting our girl were hard, we couldn’t wait and we didn’t know what to expect but we were kept informed of every step of the journey she made and it was all professionally done. Holding Chrissy in my arms for the first time was one of the most emotional days of my life, she was beautiful. She settled into family life like a dream and if we had any teething problems we had lots of support from other adopters on the Facebook page no question we asked was unanswered, it’s lovely looking at all the updates of the pooches. I can’t thank One Dog enough they kept us informed every step of the way and have supported us to the present day and if we had more room I’m sure we’d have a house full of dogs.  If you’re thinking of adopting a dog please don’t hesitate, these people,are amazing and care so much for the dogs and you are guaranteed 100% support.

Ciaragh Hubert and Denisa

When I saw Denisa’s video, of her taking her first steps after being found paralysed at the side of the road, I immediately fell in love. I’d had to learn to walk again a few years ago, after major back surgery, so I knew we were made for each other. Her courage and determination mixed with her big eyes and vulnerability make her an irresistible little dog. She has overcome so many obstacles and makes us smile every day. I feel very lucky that Denisa has become part of our family which she settled into so easily. Adopting a rescue dog has brought a whole new meaning to my life and has introduced me to a community of wonderful people who make me feel better about the world.

Sarah Childs and Fern

We adopted Fern last March. It was love at first sight when I saw her picture but as I already have my own dogs I was concerned about her fitting in. Mrs Ellis and Crina were fantastic in giving me a really honest and accurate description of Ferns temperament and she has proved to be the most wonderful kind dog who has fitted straight in with my gang. The adoption process was very straight forward and I was kept up to date of every step of her journey to our shores. I have to say it is exciting and Also very emotional picking them up when they arrive She was nervous initially with things like traffic and new places but she has blossomed over the past 10 months with us and now doesn’t worry about traffic. You have to give them time to settle and not overwhelm them, but it’s worth it. Fern goes to Agility twice a week and this has really helped build her confidence. Would I have another Romanian  rescue???….. yes definitely 💕💕💕

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