Happy’s Heroes!

Happy is building up a team of Heroes who together will work to eliminate the current dog problems in Romania through direct action and education.

We will be focusing on Re-homing, Spay & Neutering and Political Lobbying to try and get the plight of the street dogs right up the political agenda.

We are committed to our endeavour and along with the younger generation we can make cruelty and neglect a thing of the past.

We will promote consideration and care for animals as part of our every day lives.

Could you become one of Happy’s Heroes? Could you, your family and your dog support the work that we are doing?

If you could help us by donating £10 monthly this will go towards our mission of rescuing street dogs and saving thousands of others through Spay & Neuter campaigns.  If you can help then please click the link and together we can make that difference.

This is Happy our 1 Dog At A Time Rescue mascot and the leader of Happys Heroes

What defines a Hero?

‘A hero is noted for courageous acts or nobility of character, who, in the opinion of others is unique and has special abilities or qualities and is regarded as a role model for the good that they do’.

As we know Heroes come in all shapes and sizes… whether Human or Canine and of course come from anywhere and everywhere in the world.

Dogs as humans have a natural want to please, they want to protect and be companions and although none of us can actually speak dog we are under no false illusions that our own dogs would want to fight for what is right if they saw injustice, starvation and cruelty. They would want to lead and protect.

Without leaders and protectors a dog pack is confused, unstable and in constant conflict. The leaders come forward to act in the interest of the whole pack and to ensure that the lesser weaker pack members are cared for and given the strength and security that they need.

Is your dog a Hero? Come and Join us and together we can fight injustice and cruelty, neglect and starvation.

Click on the link below to donate £10 a month for your dog to become 1 of Happys Heroes.

Our Heroes can consist of individuals, family’s, groups, work colleagues, groups of friends etc. its entirely up to you to decide who it would include and what name you will be giving to your group. Some of our supporters have even asked if their dog can join instead of them and obviously for us this is totally acceptable as long as he or she has access to mum or dads bank account to set up the DD.

Everything that we do at 1DAATR goes to help and support our wonderful dogs and currently thanks to some pretty incredible people we have been able to re home over 600. This is just the start.

If you think you could help us to help the dogs still further and you would like to be 1 of Happy’s Heroes please simply click the link below to set up a direct debit via our just giving page. Its safe and secure and simple step through process.

* PLEASE NOTE: When signing up could you please tick the Gift Aid button as the charity does receive a further 25% on top of your donation. Also please leave us a message telling us about you and your group.

You can also share the good news on Facebook that you have become 1 of the 200 heroes.

Thank you so much for your support and understanding it means so much.

Once your dog has joined they will receive their unique Happy’s Hero Medal which has been designed and made to reflect the nobility of character and special qualities that the wearer holds. By committing to a monthly donation our Heroes are helping to put right the injustice that is evident on the streets of Bistrita in Romania. They are helping to turn things around and give the street dogs hope of a wonderful new home where they will be loved and cared for in their very own forever family.

As you will see the medal is attached to a medal ribbon in the colours of the Romanian Flag to show solidarity and union with the street dogs of Bistrita. The latin wording around the edge – ‘Canis distinctio’ means ‘Dog of distinction’ and ‘tutum loco’ means ‘place of safety’.

We would hope that over time the more people that get to see the Heroes Medals and we all tell the story more supporters and followers will emerge to help us carry the message far and wide.

So thank you to all of our wonderful Canine Heroes and thank you to all of our Human Heroes because as we say constantly without all of you none of this is possible and we really are their only chance.

We’d love to chat…

Are you looking to adopt a dog?  Please find out more on our ‘How do I Adopt’ pages, where you will find costs and information on how to adopt one of our dogs.  To apply to adopt a dog, please complete a registration form in the first instance and one of our rehoming team will be in touch in due course.

If your query relates to anything else and you can’t find the information on our website, then please feel free to get in touch.

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