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Registered charity No.1167007


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Age : 6 months old

Sex:  female

Size:  medium to large

Neutered: not yet, not old enough

Passport and vaccinations: Yes

Location:  In UK foster home


Description: Peggy is an amazing dog, walks perfectly on the lead but can not be let off has her recall is non existant, she's quite playful and likes to try push her luck, but she is very obedient when treats are involved ! She's crate trained, house trained and brilliant with children. She sometimes isn't sure on men entering a home but soon settles down when she knows them. When out walking she adores other dogs and people, she isn't brilliant with cars so it's best she gets walked in a field or somewhere quiet as she's not brilliant with noise. She is a "shooter" so you must be careful when getting her out of a car and make sure that she doesn't run off. She is the most cuddles dog I've ever met, she's quite needy but adorable. She does back chat when you tell her off which makes her even more cute. She's working really well with the citronella collar atm as I'm training her not to bark when people come to the door. She would be suited for a family or a single person as she loves either attention.

She loves cats I have 2. She house trained, good with other dogs, amazing with children and brilliant around cats. She sleeps on her bed she does likes the sofa, however she knows she isn't aloud on our beds.