1 Dog At A Time Rescue UK


Registered charity No.1167007

How it all started......


'I did not imagine for one minute that all this was going to evolve when I started looking for an older dog (I love the oldies) about 5 years ago. I had just joined Facebook and was mooching around when I saw an old boy who looked a little like my soul dog Dillie. He was from Romania and I had just missed out on adopting him. I had no idea about all the cruelty over there and the plight of the street dogs. I have seen many street dogs on my journeys around the world but none so obviously loathed and treated as vermin. I started to read and became completely determined to help one of these poor souls.

My first Romanian rescue was my big boy Fozzy. A plea appeared one night on Facebook to help, he had been poisoned

and beaten. Try as I might I could not get him out of my mind, his eyes haunted me. So I pressed the comment button and said… “please get him off the streets and to a vet, I will pay and help him…” little did I know this was the start of a life time commitment to helping the street dogs. The lady who had posted Fozzy’s appeal and I worked out how to get Fozzy to me in the UK, I then wanted to help more dogs there to find loving homes. I started helping the dogsthat had been captured by dogcatchers and taken to the local public shelter to find homes, one at a time and 1 Dog at a Time Rescue UK started just like that........... Helping 1 dog…


Soon I had a close team of volunteers helping me, we fundraised and I financed the transport, the vaccinations and legal documents etc. There was a mummy and her pups, Maya, Cammi and Cassi… 3 dogs to rescue but as we were rescuing them a lovely friend and now supporter of 1DAATRUK, Sally, asked if we could rescue a big old boy we named Bernie and once we started we found out he had a girlfriend, Sury. So then we had 5 dogs to find homes for… we haven't looked back. Our close team of supporters and volunteers have something much bigger in common than just our love for dogs, our complete faith that we are meant to rescue and this is our purpose in life.


In 2015 we set up the 1 Dog at a Time Rescue UK facebook page and with the power of social media we have grown and grown helping so many dogs. Not only rehoming well over 500 lucky souls to date but with your kind donations and support we have been able to provide medical care and treatment to so many as well. We are all aware there is not always a happy ending to some stories but at least we were able to provide love and comfort to those that crossed over.'  Jayne Sully Founder of 1 Dog at a time.


Fozzy, the very first 1 dog !                                 Danny, also rescued by Jayne, with Fozzy at the back