1 Dog At A Time Rescue UK


Registered charity No.1167007


If you are interested in helping us by adopting or fostering for us the process is very simple. Simply complete the online Adoption/Foster Registration Form on the web site. When we receive your form we will arrange for a freelance independant homechecker to contact you and arrange to do a homecheck for us.  Once we have received their report we will contact you and identify and agree with you which particular dog will best suit your lifestyle. We will then make all the necessary travel arrangements to bring your dog to you.  Regrettably we can no longer rehome dogs to homes with children who are under 6 yrs of age.


If your dog is coming from our kennels in Romania, then your adoption fee is £345 and includes:


•All transport costs from Happy Tails to our UK collection points.

•Personalised transport in a small intimate group in our air conditioned/heated van.

•The services of a carer for the entire journey including updates during the journey over.

•All vaccinations.

•Microchip and chip registration.

•Neuter/spey provided the dog is old enough or well enough. This will be discussed with you if we are not able to get the operation done in Romania

•Adoption pack which includes contact details of all 1 Dog volunteers and comprehensive information to help your dog settle in, plus a CD of calming dog music which your dog will have been used to hearing in Happy Tails.

•Inclusion to our exclusive 1 Dog at a Time adoptors group where you will receive 24/7 adoption support.

•Ongoing advice from our qualified behaviourist

•Full rescue back up.


If your dog is in kennels or foster home in the UK, then your adoption fee is £345 and includes:


• All of the things listed above, but excluding transport costs, but WILL include a contribution to UK kennels costs incurred and also any vet fees incurred for neutering/speying etc if not already done.



All you need to do is to come and collect your dog when it arrives in the UK from one of the locations we will have agreed with you. Some of our representatives will be there on the day and you can meet us and chat to us at the same time as you collect your dog.

Some of our lucky dogs in transport, and meeting their new owners for the first time.