1 Dog At A Time Rescue UK


Registered charity No.1167007

In 2015 we started renting Happys Tails, rescuing, healing and finally finding loving forever homes for the abandoned, lost, sick, and desperate dogs out on the streets of Bistrita and surrounding Villages. We immediately started fundraising so that we could buy Happys outright.


Fastforward to August 2017 the dream became a reality. We made our target and raised enough to purchase Happys.

1 Dog at a Time Rescue UK now has their very own ‘half way house’ Happy Tails.


Since then, the 1 dog family has grown beyond our wildest dreams.

Thousands of like minded people, united in hope and love for all dogs, have liked our facebook page and have got involved.

Now we have Happys this enables us to take the vulnerable dogs directly from the streets and place them in the safety of Happys.


Happys can house over 20 dogs. We can offer them clean, safe living conditions, good food, and any medical treatment that is required. They also get  lots of daily love, care and attention from the amazing team of volunteers who help out on a daily basis in the kennels. It’s marvelous to be able to take the dogs out everyday for a run in the grounds and for them to socialize with humans and the other dogs, hopefully it will help them even more with their adjustment into their new lives.


Some work is needed to make everything more usable for our needs but already we have been hard at it making improvements. We have special paint for the floors and walls which will keep it more hygienic. Heating has been put in and we have added a security camera system which allows us to watch the dogs remotely.

The next project is an ‘isolation/quarantine’ block which will be built outside the main building. This will enable us to move the more vulnerable dogs awaiting homes from the public shelter. Our fundraising continues to enable us to add more kennels space too, some of which will be designed with mummy and pups in mind. We will then have the room we need to be able to help more poor souls.

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Happy dogs at Happy Tails!

Short video tour of Happys.

Fundraising For  Happy's


Thank you to ALL our supporters who helped make the dream a reality.