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Age : born June 2018

Sex: male

Size:  small

Neutered: not yet he's too young

Passport and vaccinations: Yes

Location: UK


Description:  UPDATE Gino and Gina are now in a foster home in the UK. They are both pretty much housetrained ,great on walks. They are very friendly and love ther cuddles. Gino is around 8kgs, Gina is much smaller. We dont think they will grow much bigger. Gino does have a slight limp on one of his back legs which may have been as a result of living on the streets.It does not stop him running around and he does not appear to be in pain, but we will get this checked by a vet and make sure he gets any meds or necessary treatment.


Gino and his little friend or litter mate Gina were found on the road by Mugur who was on his way back from a trip to the mountain to collect some of our dogs that had been waiting in a foster home until we had space at Happys. They were running around in the middle of the road with no mum in sight. Rather than leave them to an inevitable fate Mugur scooped them up and brought them to Happys.  

These two sweet pups are so bonded and so lovely. They are a bonded pair and we really would love to find them a home together. We think Gina is partially sighted and because of this she follows her big brother Gino everywhere.

Now fit, healthy and raring to go, these two small and cute dogs are looking for a very special forever home!