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Age : Date of birth 14/7/18

Sex: Male

Size:  Medium size

Neutered: Yes

Passport and vaccinations: Yes

Location: In UK foster home


Description: Little Einsteins mum Lia was thrown over our fence at Happys Tails kennels, she was pregnant and full term. We feared the worst for her soon to be born pups.  A week later whilst Crina was away, Lias pups made their debut early in the morning on 14/7/18 Mugur was the mid wife, all 7 tiny pups survived.


Einstein is now on one of our UK foster homes, and his foster mummy tells us:  

We have had Einstein for 2 weeks. He was understandably very nervous of his new surroundings, humans and dogs in the foster home. For the first week he really didn’t venture far from his safe spot.


After allowing him time and space to explore at his own pace, Einstein is now demonstrating his ability to form trust and attachment with humans around him. He seems to trust females quicker than males. He is able to read other dogs language well and is respectful of their space. He is playful but happy for it to be lead by the other dogs. He is reserved on meeting new dogs and people outside the home.


Einstein is clean in the house, sleeps well once settled in the kitchen, he can take a few minutes to settle especially if he has had lots of my attention just before (all very understandable and within normal limits). We leave him every day for a couple of hours so he does not get into the trap of separation anxiety, we have a camera and he has never been distressed at being left.


He likes to follow me about in the home and garden. Einstein loves to receive praise and thrives on positive rewards of softly spoken praise and gentle fusses. He likes treats too but we try to do as much as possible with positive voice and touch. So far we have been practising playing in the garden with toys and walking on a lead.


He is starting to understand the command “sit” we use this if he jumping -  no fusses until he is seated. Einstein loves going out for a short walk and now comes to get his harness on, he is not a puller unless spooked. He has shown no interest when we have seen cats on our walks.


I feel Einstein is going to make a lovely family pet in an household with either active older owners with another dog and visiting children, or a family that have another dog and sensible children used to dogs. He clearly likes company of both humans and dogs.


Neck 17.5” Height 19” Shoulders to back 16”

Weight approx 16kgs