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Age : Born June 2017

Sex: Male

Size: Large

Neutered: Yes

Passport and vaccinations: Yes

Location: In foster in the UK




Doodles likes his food, playtime in the garden with a ball or rag, cuddles, bouncing on the trampoline and running around the field, playing with his doggy friends but also likes his quiet time and takes himself off to his crate for a time out when things get to much or he gets tired.


Doodles doesn't like to eat around other dogs, as he doesn't understand why he can't eat every last morsel no matter whose bowl it is in.  

He also isn't keen on large vehicles and busy places this is due to us living on a farm and he hasn't been exposed to the hustle and bustle of a town and during vet visits he struggles with the traffic, noise and lots of people and will plant himself down and refuse to move.  


Doodles has many good points, he is house trained, sleeps in his crate overnight and is very good with children and toddlers. Even though he lives with another dog, he copes when she goes out without him, he just curls up in his crate waiting for her to return, so I believe he would be OK as an only dog. He has mastered simple commands and hand signals ‘sit’ ‘wait’ ‘down’ ‘come’ ‘close’ ‘fast’ On a walk he pulls initially but once you tell him ‘close’ he walks nicely by your side, unless you want him out in front when going for a run then he goes ‘fast’ he has also improved with his recall and we are now able to let him off on the farm during our walks. Despite being greedy he takes a treat very gently.

Things that need working on:


Doodles loves to help with the gardening and can often be found laying in his hole.  

He is protective of his family and home so can be wary of visitors, barking, growling and getting his hackles up, but with calm introductions he is ok.  

Due to being a youngster he gets over excited and sometimes forgets about boundaries with other dogs which can lead to arguments