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Age :  10-12 years old

Sex:   Male

Size:   Large

Neutered:  Will be before leaving Romania

Passport and vaccinations: Yes

Location:   Romania


Description:   Bonzo is and extremely handsome large size boy. He’s led a very hard life out on the streets. He was caught and taken to the Public Shelter where he stayed until someone released him back onto the streets.


He reappeared just recently dragging his back legs. After X-rays the damage could be seen,he has a broken pelvis. He’s too old to be operated.


We know it’s a big ask but we are looking for a quiet retirement home for a Bonzo, somewhere he can spend his last few years enjoying the comforts of a family with maybe a female friend or two, he does love the ladies !!


He has been roaming the streets for years now and we think he may be father to quite a few of our dogs and pups in Bistrita ! We can see a lot of similarities in coulour and type, bless him .