“We couldn’t imagine our lives without Rudi,” says Kelsey. He’s completely changed our lives

He’s happiest when he’s going out for a walk and if he had his way we’d be out all day long.

He likes looking at the sea and dunking himself in it when we’re on the beach.

His favourite way to play is gently chewing on my hands and play wrestling with me. He also makes lots of funny noises whilst we’re playing. We jokingly call him ‘Chewbacca’ because it sort of sounds like how he sounds. He likes playing tug of war.

He’s scared of thunder and not that mad on fireworks. We always make a fort for him if it’s thundering and give him Valerian drops.

If you would like more information on how to help your dogs deal with thunder or fireworks (loud bangs) then have a look at our article by clicking here.

He chases squirrels and anything with fast-moving wheels which is why the lead is a must.

He has a piece of hair on his head which you can spike up into a mini Mohican which we sometimes do. I’m sure it annoys him though. Aha! But we think it’s hilarious.

We couldn’t imagine being without Rudi. Our lives are 110% and more fulfilled. He’s just perfect.

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