Posted by Jayne Sully on Sunday, September 27, 2020


1.5 Years Old




Small/Medium (15kgs)



Passport and vaccinations:




To know me is to love me so please let me tell you my story in the hope that someone falls in love with me.
My name is Tabasco and I’m approximately 1.5 yrs old, small/med size approx 15 kgs and neutered. My brother Bosco and I lived together on the streets looking out for each other, when I was just a little pup someone got hold of me for fun and cut my ears off.
My brother and I were caught and taken to the public shelter by the dog catcher. Dragged from the van by a pole and put in a small filthy cage. The noise was deafening and stench was unbearable, we were both so terrified as we curled up together , thankful we had each other.
We have lived in this cage for over a year, through the freezing cold winter and stifling hot summer we’ve tried to keep each other’s spirits up but it’s not easy in a small cage, we’ve all but forgotten what it’s like to run and play together. We have watched as new dogs have been brought in and one by one they have left. We weren’t sure where they went but we guessed it must be someone better than this hell.
One day last month someone came and took my brother, I waited by the door for him to return. As the day turned into night I waited … but he never came back. I’m now alone in this cage, I’ve been told sadly I can’t go to Germany with my brother because they don’t allow dogs with cut ears.
When the people at 1 Dog heard about me, they asked if they could help. There’s a space for me at a place called Happys and I can leave here in a few days. I now dare to dream that maybe one day I’ll have a family of my own like my brother … and hopefully a friend or two to play with. I’m extremely affectionate and loving and desperate for human touch. As you can see by my video taken today, when I was told I was going to be getting out of here very soon. If you can see past my cut ears and I’ve stolen your heart, please get in touch. I’m so desperate to meet you and start a new life together.
We would so like to find this lovely chap the loving home he deserves. If you think you could offer him the home he needs, please get in touch with our rehoming team.

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