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Spencer was born in August 2018, he is medium size and neutered.  All his vaccinations are up to date.  Spencer was found abandoned on the streets, we suspect he sadly probably had owners at some point before they discarded him like rubbish to fend for himself.  Thankfully rescued before he was injured or worse on the busy roads.  Spencer travelled in October last year to the U.K.  from our shelter in Romania into foster.

Here is what his lovely Foster Mum has to say about him.

“Spencer is very affectionate, loyal and smart.  He has taken to new experiences with caution at first but with his growing trust, he seems to be more willing to experience new things more readily.  The kind of home that would suit Spencer could be with or without another dog or dogs, he has a lot of energy, is very inquisitive and learns quickly.  He wants to be wherever you are and forms strong attachments, his new owner would need to keep socialising him so he doesn’t become over protective and learns that all humans are safe.  An experienced home would be best and Spencer would prefer a home with no children.  Spencer is a very clever boy and needs someone who is prepared to spend time channelling his attention into something like agility or fly ball.  He will also need ongoing lead training.

Spencer does need a space to call his own, in my home he will choose to sleep alone in another room and he definately needs access to outside, outside is Spencer”s first choice.  He has played with EVERY dog toy, and will amuse himself quite happily.  Spencer is full of character and love, he will be your best friend forever, he just needs time, patience, guidance and understanding that really there’s a little soul in there desperate to be part of a forever family but not quite knowing how to do it”.

If Spencer has stolen your heart, please complete a registration form and mark it for Spencer.

Please note home check and fees apply.

Update from Foster Home: Spencer is a lovely boy, gets on well with other dogs is clean in the house, and is easiest foster they have ever had!



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