DOB Aug 2018







Passport and vaccinations:



UK Foster Home


Children:   Age 15+

Cats:  No cats or small furries but OK with hens

Requires another dog in the household:  Needs another calm dog in the home.  He plays with other dogs once known to him.

Walking on a lead:  Good on a lead, but can be strong, he’s very protective of his foster Mum

House training:  Fully house trained

Type of home needed:  Normal household, but he needs his own space where he can just chill out without being disturbed.  He can get over excited and reacts by mouthing.  He likes an occasional cuddle, but it is on his terms.

Ideal location:  Not a busy city, or right in the middle of town.

Spencer was born in August 2018, he is medium size and neutered.  All his vaccinations are up to date.  Spencer was found abandoned on the streets, we suspect he sadly probably had owners at some point before they discarded him like rubbish to fend for himself.  Thankfully rescued before he was injured or worse on the busy roads.  Spencer travelled to the U.K. from our shelter in Romania into foster.

Here is what his lovely Foster Mum has to say about him.

About Spencer:-
‘Spencer is a warm, loving, loyal waggy tail boy, very attentive, curious and clever. Spencer’s family needs to give him time to trust them and become accustomed to their routine where he will find his place to fit in. He lives his cuddles and being with you but he also needs a place in the home to call his own, toys to play with and a secure garden. Spencer likes spending time outside, but hates the rain. Spencer needs regular walks, he can be strong on the lead sometimes and needs careful introduction to other people and dogs because he will guard his family and he needs to learn he doesn’t need to guard his family and that others are not a threat. For the most part he meets others with a waggy tail but the odd one he appears to take a dislike to and needs managing. I think he would enjoy and benefit from agility training of some kind to strengthen the trust bonds. Spencer feels it necessary to guard his home and introducing guests needs a routine so he understands it is safe. He is best in an adult environment. He is very clean in the home and travels well in the car. Spencer is a big big character, extremely engaging and interactive, he will reward his forever family with endless love. He currently lives with 3 other dogs and an indoor pet hen and plays with the youngest. I feel he would appreciate the company of at least one other dog if his family will be leaving him for periods of time. I hope this sounds like you have a Spencer sized slot in your family, he is a very special boy.




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