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Jerry and (we think his Mum) Jessie were found at the side of the road by our good friend Karina. Pulling over she opened the door and as you can see they did all they could to be noticed. We are completely full at Happys but just look at these faces, how could we leave them behind. A quick call to our team out in Romania and Jerry and Jessie’s fate was sealed, they jumped straight in the car and quickly made themselves comfortable on the back seat as they were driven to our vets office, here they were checked over and taken to Happys to rest and recover.

Jerry is very affectionate, he loves attention and will bond very closely with his special person. Jerry loves to go for walks and has lots of energy when he is taken outside. When he’s in the house he is very clean, a perfect little companion, doesn’t need constant attention, loves his bed and tends to sleeps a lot. He is very calm, if you don’t play with him or you’re busy he will just sleep. He’s never done any of his needs in the house, he always waits to go outside to do them, he’s just great, wants to cuddle all the time and loves to cuddle up and sleep in your arms, just like a little baby. He also has a sensitive tummy which seems to be better when he eats dry food. And that’s Jerry just a little baby who wants to be loved all the time. He walks nicely on a lead and we think he would better as an only dog or with smaller sensible dogs…

If you think you could offer him a loving home, please fill out a registration form and one of our rehoming team will be in touch.

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