Guta and Mickey



Mickey 3 1/2, Guta 6 1/2





Passport and vaccinations:



UK Foster Home


Children: 12 +

Cats: Cat tested

Requires another dog in the household: We would prefer these two best friends to stay together, if not then they must have another calm dog in the house.

Walking on a lead: Both Mickey and Guta walk nicely on a lead.

House training: Guta and Mickey are both house trained.

Type of home needed: Preferably a quiet household.

Ideal location: Rural location, not used to traffic.

We are Guta and Mickey, we are brothers, not of birth but circumstance. Both rescued as tiny puppies from the most heartbreaking conditions. When people have let us down, we have always been there for each other. Sadly we can no longer stay in the yard we have always called home.
Guta was rescued as a puppy with his mum and siblings, cruelly abandoned, trying to survive. He and his sister sadly the only puppies to survive. He is approx 6-6.5 years old. Medium/Large size and approx 20kgs. He is a friendly & kind boy.

Mickey as a puppy lived in a field with his mum and 4 siblings, one day the kind man who was feeding them, discovered they had all heartbreakingly been shot dead. Mickey was the only survivor. He took Mickey home to keep him safe and ensure he didn’t meet the same fate. Mickey is 3-3.5 years old, medium/large size, approx 17kgs.

Our greatest wish is to find them a home together. It would be so sad to split them up, they are so bonded. They have both been cat tested. They are both incredibly kind, sweet, friendly boys. They crave the attention they have missed so much, they have so much love to give. Could you open your heart and home to these two incredibly special boys?

Mickey and Guta are now in a UK Foster Home and are really enjoying the comforts of living inside a warm and loving home. Their Foster Mum is completely in love with them, but because of work commitments, she is unable to give them both the attention they really deserve. They are so loving and gentle and so innocent. They are both clever boys and are learning quickly.

If you can offer these boys a loving home then our rehoming team would love to hear from you. Please complete a registration form and mark it for Guta & Mickey.


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