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UK Foster Home


Sweet, friendly little puppy, good with other dogs.

Update from Fudge’s Foster Family:

Fudge is small in stature but big in personality.  She loves affection, a belly rub and she gives it back in spades.

A very sweet nature.  We think she would fine in a household with another dog, as long as that dog is established and not a newcomer like Benji.  She loves her food! Finishes her meals very fast and then on the lookout for any Benji leftovers.

She seems smart, and toilet training is progressing well.  Sleeps through the night, holds her bladder overnight with no issues and does her business as soon as you take her outside in the morning.  Still has the occasional accident during the day, but getting better every day.  She holds her own playing with Benji who is bigger than her but she rarely takes a backward step.  Fudge is starting to sit when asked and loves to squeeze in next to you on the sofa and get comfortable.  When walking out and about she is a bit nervous around traffic, but getting better.

All in all she would make a brilliant loving pet.

Can you offer Fudge the loving home she needs?  Please fill out an application for her.



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