Sometimes, it takes some of our dogs a little longer to find their forever family. That’s because they need an extra special family ….. one who will not only love & cherish them forever ….. but is willing to go the extra mile. They will have patience & understanding to nurture, encourage and teach them to reach their full potential. They will share a journey together ……. that will bond & unite them, they will learn to trust & love each other. We haven’t minded waiting because we know how special Einstein is and what a fabulous boy he is ….. But thanks to his amazing foster family, we think the time is right for him to find them ….. please will you help him, just a few seconds to share his post could mean he can finally go home …… he has been waiting his whole life for this. Please never underestimate the power of your share and how for 1 Dog you could change his life forever.This is Einstein’ story ……. he was born at our shelter, Happy's after his mum was thrown over our shelter wall heavily pregnant. Luckily all her puppies survived. Sadly though he spent he spent his whole puppyhood at our shelter, until he travelled to the U.K. and went to one of our most experienced foster homes, where he has made great progress. This is what his wonderful foster mum had to say. “Einstein came to us in August 2019. He is 21 months, medium size (21kg) and Neutered. At first he was very shy and scared. He spent the first week in the utility (the place he chose as safe), where he ate and slept. Slowly over the next few weeks he started to venture out into the rest of the home. He now spends his day following us about or sleeping along with our girls. As Einstein has become more comfortable in the home he has shown us how loving he really is, he plays well with our 2 older girls (both Romanian rescues). He loves a fuss and cuddle, his favourite treat is a carrot! Sadly Einstein still finds the outside of our home scary and the thought of others coming into his safe space also scary. This means any introductions will need to be done very slowly and over an extended period. Einstein likes to play with dogs he knows and has good recall in secure areas. Einstein used to inhale his food but this has slowed down greatly. Einstein sleeps downstairs with the girls. He is fine to be left alone. Einstein likes to go for walks in remote areas, but can become unsettled and reactive on seeing strangers and other dogs, we are working with the 1 dog behaviourist on this issue. Einstein likes to please and will happily sit and stay, if he is in the right mood he will play ball, he likes to play tug with humans and a good chomp on an Antler, mostly he just likes to be nearby. He would love someone at home all day and someone that he can follow about in the home and garden. Einstein likes routine,due to his fears of the outside world, sudden noises and quick movement Einstein will need to go to an experienced home that is prepared to allow for Einstein to progress at his own pace, it would not be suitable for Einstein to go to a family with children or a busy household”.Einstein is a loyal and loving boy who enjoys the company of his people but can be left alone for short periods of time. He has been living in a home for 5 months and has made a huge amount of progress in understanding home life. Einstein loves to play with the other dogs in the home and takes a lot of confidence from them, but he can be dog selective so he would need to meet any new canine housemates a few times. Einstein can be very nervous of new people and visitors so his new home will need to have very few visitors and be willing to work with our behaviourist to continue his training plan. We would expect his new adopters to need to visit him on multiple occasions to really get to know him before he goes home with them. Einstein is not suitable to live with children.If you have an Einstein size hole in your life and room in your heart and home to give this precious boy everything he needs. Please fill in an application form and mark it for Einstein using the link below: check & fees apply.As always our dogs will only find the wonderful homes they deserve with your help. Your share could help them find their way home.All our dogs available for adoption are on our

Posted by 1 Dog At A Time Rescue UK on Saturday, April 18, 2020


Date of Birth 14/7/18




Medium 21 Kgs



Passport and vaccinations:



In UK foster home


Children:  Adult only home required

Cats: No cats or small furries

Requires another dog in the household:  Needs another dog for company – female.

Walking on a lead:  Walks well on a lead, but is muzzled as protective.

House training:  Fully house trained.

Type of home needed:  Experienced bull breed home preferred.  Needs someone to understand his needs.  Einstein is very protective of his fosterer.  He needs careful introductions to people.  Needs a lot of time to get used to new surroundings.  A quieter home would be best for Einstein, he can be left for 3 or 4 hours at a time.

Ideal location:  Rural/Semi-Rural

Einstein was born on 14th July 2018 at Happys our shelter in Romania. One of a litter of 7 puppies, he was constantly overlooked. He was finally given his chance of a home and travelled to UK August 2019 where he was placed in a foster home. Initially very withdrawn, he missed his litter mates, he was very nervous of people and the two resident dogs in the foster home. He decided the utility room was his safe place and stayed in there for over a week. Slowly, all at his own pace he started to venture into the home. As he came out of his shell over the next few months, he started to enjoy playing with the dogs and going on regular walks. He was walked by his foster family and their dog walker individually and then on group walks with selected well behaved dogs that the dog walker walked. Recall was no problem, he could see other dogs, cats, deer and would come back every time. He had an introduction with a prospective adopter, the man was very pushy and kept trying to fuss Einstein who was very wary of these new strangers, and unfortunately the lady herself was nervous.  Einstein does not cope well with people who are nervous with dogs, he become more nervous himself and that lead to him becoming unpredictable in his behaviour.  He has nipped someone on one occasion when he felt he was being threatened.

After this event his foster family had to go back to square one by building back Einstein’s confidence, no visitors, plenty of walks with his buddies and routine. Einstein absolutely thrives on routine. He likes carrots which he gets as treats and antlers. He loves to receive praise and positive rewards of softly spoken praise and gentle fusses.
He has just started to entertain himself with toys. He likes to be brushed for a short time. He will tell you when it is treat time. He will sleep for many hours a day. When Einstein knows you he is so so affectionate. He follows his humans around in the house around, he likes company and loves to be in the garden with (or without) his humans.  He has recently discovered the joy of snuggling up on the sofa, but he likes to do things at his own pace.
Did we say he just loves routine?
Einstein’s ideal home will be one that is experienced with dogs, he is not a first time owners dog. His new home should be one where the humans will understand his body language and be willing to learn and respond to the way he communicates. They will need to be willing to allow him time to develop at his own pace. Bear in mind, going to a new home and learning a new routine is likely to set him back a few stages. His new home must be prepared to let him develop his new routine at his own pace. Routine, for Einstein, is very important. In some situations, he can be unpredictable and because of this, he cannot be rehomed to a home where there are children. Einstein would also like a safe place to go when visitors arrive, so he can do things at his own pace. This can be a utility room or a separate room, kitchen maybe, where he can observe and not have to “join in”.
If you can tick all the boxes for Einstein’s ideal home, then please apply for him by completing a registration form.
Neck 17.5” Height 19” Shoulders to back 16”

Weight approx 21kgs

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