Dusty is approx 8 years old, large size, 38kgs, neutered and fully vaccinated. He was found in the mountains by our good friend Larky, struggling to find food. Thankfully she found him and he was brought to our shelter. He is a really friendly boy, who would ideally love to live with another calm smaller dog, preferably a female or could equally be an only dog. Dusty is currently in foster here in the UKIf you have fallen in love with our gorgeous Dusty our rehoming team would love to hear from you. Please complete a registration form and mark it for Dusty using the link below:https://www.1dogatatimerescue.org/registration/Home check & fees apply. Details of all our dogs needing homes on our website.www.1dogatatimerescue.org

Posted by Jayne Sully on Wednesday, September 16, 2020


Approx 8 Yrs Old




Large (38kgs)



Passport and vaccinations:



In UK Foster


Some people think it’s not worth trying to find homes for older dogs because they don’t have as much to offer as the younger dogs we totally disagree. Their affection is timeless, their devotion is ageless and their love is forever. Their face may be white but their heart is pure gold. Dusty has waited his whole life to have the wonderful family he deserves. To secure his place we have to first find his incredibly special forever family he has a lifetime of love to give them.

We have no idea what Dusty has endured or what horrors he has seen we just know that despite everything, he is still an extremely sweet & gentle boy who still dreams one day he will finally have the family & life he has always hoped for.

Dusty is large size, 38kgs, he is approximately 8 years old and he is neutered and fully vaccinated. Dusty was found in the mountains by our good friend Lakry, struggling to find food. Thankfully she found him and he was brought to our shelter. He is a really friendly boy, who would ideally love to live with another dog, preferably a female. He is a total softie.

Hello, my name is Dusty. I have been in my foster home, a little while now. This place is nothing like where I was living in the mountains. There are loads of comfy beds everywhere that I like to lie in, although some of them are on the small side. I now get food in a shiny bowl every day and lots of treats in between my favourite things are meaty bones and fresh eggs – yum yum. There are other dogs in this place but they are a lot younger than me I like to try and play with them but I get tired quickly so I mostly just watch. There are also some small fluffy things I’m told are cats. One of them doesn’t like me very much so I stay out of her way. The people in my new place are very kind to me. They give me lots of cuddles and butt scratches which make me do a happy dance. I like going in the car with the other dogs to go for walks. I have to wear a thing called a collar and lead, but I don’t mind and I like to walk along with the people. I’ve been to lots of new places on these walks, including something called a beach I liked going in the wet sand, it made my paws feel nice and cool. There were lots of other dogs at the beach. I didn’t like the ones that were bigger than me so I shouted at them to go away. My people told me it was ok and we walked away from the big dogs. I was worried the big dogs were going to take my new friends away. I love this place but it is a bit crowded with 4 dogs in it so I would like somewhere a bit more peaceful. Anyway, I’m feeling a bit sleepy now and I need to make the important decision of which bed to sleep on. If you have lots of comfy beds in your home and you can feed me lots of yummy treats and give me butt scratches then please complete an adoption form. Love Dusty xx

If you think you could give Dusty the wonderful family & home he deserves our rehoming team is waiting we would love to hear from you.

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