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Dexter has been in the UK since February but is now searching for a new forever home through no fault of his own. Below is the write up from his adopter:

In the four months I have been caring for Dexter :

He house trained in less than three weeks with not a single accident since, even with me oversleeping a couple of times.

Has developed an affectionate relationship with my two cats.

Walks beautifully with a loose lead but will pull to try to get to someone or another dog he wants to see. He is very strong .

Will sometimes get over excited in his desire to play with another dog and bark loudly in their face, slightly off putting and not the best way to make friends.

Has a tendency to jump up at people in excitement , not always but once is enough considering his size and will need training out of this as he can easily knock someone over.,

Stays within sight on an off lead walk. Will even wait if I’m slow going down hill.

Will sometimes grab the lead if he didn’t want to be on it and tug me about.

Is a fearless climber .

Will follow my lead with the command ‘this way’, unless he sees someone he wants to greet or play with and then he goes deaf.

Is great in the car. Travels brilliantly.

Is very friendly towards other dogs and people. He likes to lean on people and have his chest rubbed.

Is happy for children to pet him. Has had a very close and gentle encounter with a toddler.

Can be left home alone for a couple of hours without destruction.

Sleeps through the night without any fuss.

Is a superb and focused guard dog. Only barking when people get close to the cabin.

Has taught himself to swim.

Doesn’t seem to freak sheep out despite his size, but his puppy playfulness would likely chase them given the chance.

Likes to chase birds and moths. Is gentle with hedgehogs.

He is the perfect dog, apart from being a big strong puppy!!

Thank you for your interest in Dexter If you would like to apply to adopt one of our dogs, please read the ‘How do I Adopt’ pages, where you can find more information about the process and the costs involved.

As you can imagine, each one of our dogs is very precious to us, they haven’t had the best start in life and therefore it is absolutely crucial we find the right homes for them. When you complete a registration form, please tell us as much as you can about why you are looking to adopt a dog and how you think you can meet their needs. Every dog is an individual and our amazing rehoming team will know exactly what type of home each dog needs to thrive. For example, will the dog cope with a small garden or is it the type of dog who needs to live in a rural environment? Will the dog enjoy being around children, or is it best suited to an adult only home? Will it cope sharing a home with other pets, or is it best as an only dog? Are you outdoorsy types who like to go hiking, or would you prefer a dog who is happy to snuggle up on the sofa with you? Our rehoming team will be very familiar with the needs of each of our dogs and the information you provide on your application form will help them to match you with the right dog.


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