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Med/Large (20 kgs)



Passport and vaccinations:




Cooper is 2 years old. Med/ Large Size. He is neutered and fully vaccinated. He needs a semi rural/rural home. He will be nervous at first so a nice calm, experienced home … with another calm dog, preferably female. No children. Cooper lived in kennels nearly all his life with his brother, until March 2020. Whilst he has made great progress, he will need someone with patience and understanding to carry on that journey. Someone who is home most of the day. With love and time, Cooper will flourish.
This was written by Cooper’s family.
“He is a sensitive soul, who will love his person/persons to the ends of the earth. He isn’t destructive at all (but does love cardboard boxes and socks). He is fully house trained, travels well in the car and loves going out for walks. He is still a bit nervous about putting on his harness. He is still getting used to socialising with other dogs we meet them out on walks, he has had a lot of on-lead interactions now and he has handled them really well, sniffing and letting other dogs sniff him, and when he’s had enough or isn’t comfortable he will just move away. He doesn’t do full wrap-around arm cuddles (yet) but loves a snuggle, strokes, head/belly/chest/leg scratches. He has met quite a few visitors now and as long as he has his space to move away when he wants, he handles the situations very well. He does warm up to visitors, just takes him a while to suss them out at first. With Cooper you are getting a partner for life. It has been suggested that due to his intelligence he would do well and thrive with agility training. He loves to play with you with his toys, but he warned, he wants you to throw them then he’ll run away and stash them for later”.
If you have fallen in love with Cooper and can meet his specific needs, our rehoming team would love to hear from you. Please complete a registration form and mark it for Cooper.

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