DOB 29 Dec 2020






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Chrissy and her brother and sister were found with their Mum Cammi in a field next to a busy road, their lives in constant danger. Their rescuer found a foster home for the pups but sadly they had no room for Cammi. She was going to be separated from them and taken to the Public Shelter. We are completely full at Happys but when we heard this heartbreaking story we just couldn’t bare to think of her being torn away from her babies and locked away alone in the filth and noise of the PS and so Cammi and her pups are now safe and warm at Happys, their tummies full.

Chrissy is a typical sweet and lively puppy. We will be looking for a home who have the time to dedicate to caring for a growing puppy, supporting her with development and training. If you think you can meet Chrissy’s needs, please fill out a registration form and one of our rehoming team will be in touch. The puppies will be ready to travel on our May transport.


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