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Cassie is extremely loving and gentle. She is highly intelligent and learns quickly, she is very food orientated, very alert and strong on the lead. Cassie can be protective over her family member when men come into the home and is on high alert so she will need someone who is willing to work on this.

We are looking for an experienced home with another calm friend for company. Cassie would prefer an adult only home in a rural/semi-rural area.

Here is what Cassie’s Foster Mum has to say about her:-

Cassie settled in with me very quickly. She is loving and affectionate and loves cuddles and tummy tickles. She plays with her toys and with me. She does puppy mouth on occasions. She is very trusting of me. She is fully house trained. She loves being out walking and meeting other dogs. She will be playful with them. She is a very clever bright little girl who learns fast. She would benefit greatly from living with other dogs whom she would learn from and would love playing with. Cassie still needs some support to develop and to know that she’s safe. She’s a frightened little girl and can be startled by sudden noise. Cars are ok but anything larger worries her. Thunder and probably fireworks. She pulls hard on the lead and I now have a non-pull harness. She is reactive to men when out walking but with constant exposure this is improving. She is very fearful when visitors come to the house. This is being worked on. She is very food orientated and this is helping with training.

If you think you can offer Cassie the loving forever home she needs and if you think you can meet her needs, our rehoming team would love to hear from you. Please fill out an application form and mark it for Cassie.

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