Hello it’s Bozworth! I’m not here to tell you how many times my bed has exploded since my last post 😬 I’m here as I just couldn’t wait to show you my smooth moves round the field this morning! Last week was the first time I went off lead in the secure area and I only really sniffed and plodded .. this week watch me goooo!!! 🌪 Still unsure about this whole ball being thrown thing tho 🤷🏻‍♀️ Would you like to teach me how to play ball? If so please fill out a form marked with my name at, oh and press the share button for me too! Thanks 🐕🐾

Posted by 1 Dog At A Time Rescue UK on Sunday, June 14, 2020


Date of Birth 14 July 2018




Small/Medium (16kgs)



Passport and vaccinations:



In UK Foster Home


Hey my name is Bosworth and I really need your help!!

I need a home where I’m the only dog and It would be great if there was someone home most of the day, as I need proper training which takes time and patience. Unfortunately I can’t live with young children.

Can you help me, if so please complete a registration form, make sure you put my name on it please.

An assessment of Bosworth from our behavourist:-

Bosworth is a bundle of fun a little dog with a huge personality who enjoys his walks and playing with his people. He loves to give kisses after a good run around. Bosworth would like a good sized garden to have a run around in and someone who is active to take him out for regular walks. Bosworth would like a quiet life with no children at home but may enjoy the company of a calm dog pending introductions.

Bosworth enjoys his time training and would benefit from further training classes. Bosworth enjoys a brush, though his coat is very easy to keep and he moults very little.

Update from Bosworth’s Foster Mum:-

*WANTED!! Bozzies Bestest Bezzie*

Hi Bosworth here! You may remember me, my siblings or my mum. She was thrown over the wall of Happys Kennels with only a few days to go before giving birth in July 2018. Luckily we all survived and then travelled to the U.K.

I had a home, but not for long, I was sadly returned to rescue after a short period of time through no fault of my own.

I have been in a kennel; behind bars, ever since as there have been no enquiries for me. Then this lady came along to visit for the day and we met. I gave her kisses in return for a few yummy treaties and a tickle.

My plan worked well as the world went upside down shortly after and she was at home in lockdown and I was in the kennel so… I was offered the chance to go live with her; she would be my Foster Mum and I would live like a Prince until my Furever Home came along so I could get into the swing of things for my Furever People. So here I am..!!

I am neutered, only 16kg & medium size, so won’t take up much room on your sofa, (or bed!) I do like to rest my head on your lap or snuggle in with my Person, and I walk really nicely on the lead. You have to remember I’m still learning about things … loud vehicles, bikes, joggers, being close to a busy road etc scare me.. I can be distracted with a tasty tweety tho!

My most favourite outside thing is being on a long lead and sniffing things, running after pigeons, or finding a nice stick and holding it whilst I trot very proudly with it. I can walk for ten minutes or an hour or so, I don’t mind! I’m still a little wary of other dogs too, but again, I can be distracted with a tweety.

My recall on a lead when out is good. I hear “Boz Boz” and come running back for a reward! My favourite thing indoors are playing with my toys, or my Kong, I’m mesmerised with watching tv when it’s on … it’s so clever! We do have play time but on my terms at the moment.

I can’t tell you about what I’m like with visitors yet in the house, however I have met a nice lady at the end of the garden whilst on the lead and was very well behaved. I like to be brushed gently, and adore tickles, am clean in the house and if my Foster Mum has gone to the shop she has checked her camera and I’ve been asleep. She lives in a nice quiet place with some nice quiet walks nearby whilst I gain confidence, so ideally would be looking for the same at my Furever Home, with my Human(s) understanding I’m still learning how to be the bestest boy I can be as I can occasionally get a little too excited but I do calm quickly when told which is why I’d be best with no children or other pets. I’m looking for a best mate, to be loved and if it’s ok – to bring my bed and most favourite toys. Foster Mum is not in a position to be my Person unfortunately, however, shes said I’m not going anywhere til Bozzies Bestest Bezzie along.

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