DOB 7 July 2014




Small (7kgs)



Passport and vaccinations:



In UK Foster Home


This precious little boy is Barney. He undoubtedly once, belonged to someone … he had been abandoned in the mountains … alone & bewildered. Not sure why he was there or what he had done to deserve it … or even what he was meant to do to survive. What is even more heartbreaking is that once you get to know this little chap he is just the sweetest boy … who is your typical lap dog, he craves company and loves to snuggle. Thankfully he is now safe and being taken care of.

Barney is small size. He is approximately 6 years old and will be neutered and fully vaccinated. He is good with other dogs. Barney is blind in one eye but it doesn’t hinder him in anyway. He also has rather unique and totally adorable ears … one sticks up and one flops down … just adding to this boys charm. This precious boy just wants to be loved and then loved some more. Could you be the family Barney deserves and wishes for with all his heart … who will love him forever ?

If this little boy has stolen your heart, please complete a registration form and mark it for Barney.

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