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As our vet Denisa left her home she heard muffled cries. She searched the area but couldn’t find who the cries belonged to. As soon as she returned from work she continued to search, locating the area she was able to enlist a young lad who was eager to help. Underneath the apartment building was a tiny puppy, how scared she must have been, all alone, trapped under rubble.

A few days ago whilst Denisa was leaving home she noticed an adult female dog watching her . She called to her but she wouldn’t come so she left food and went to work. We have since found out that a message for help went out on Facebook saying that a puppy had been seen first with his mum then all alone, the lady who put out the message was going to work and couldn’t help. The picture she took is of little Amos and the adult the same female Denisa saw a few days ago watching her.

We believe Annie and Amos are siblings and their mum ( who is still out there living somewhere on waste land, behind the apartment blocks ) may well be bringing her pups to safety one at a time. We will wait to see if mum has any more pups and then we will reunite them all

Thankfully because of the love of his mum, Annie, is now snuggled up with Amos, in a warm bed, safe and her tummy full. They will both stay in foster whilst they grow stronger until space becomes available at Happys.

Annie is a typical sweet and lively puppy and her new family will need to have the time to dedicate to caring for a growing puppy, supporting her with development and training.  If you think you can meet DOG NAME needs please fill out a registration form and one of our rehoming team will be in touch.

Thank you for your interest in Annie. If you would like to apply to adopt one of our dogs, please read the ‘How do I Adopt’ pages, where you can find more information about the process and the costs involved.

As you can imagine, each one of our dogs is very precious to us, they haven’t had the best start in life and therefore it is absolutely crucial we find the right homes for them. When you complete a registration form, please tell us as much as you can about why you are looking to adopt a dog and how you think you can meet their needs. Every dog is an individual and our amazing rehoming team will know exactly what type of home each dog needs to thrive. For example, will the dog cope with a small garden or is it the type of dog who needs to live in a rural environment? Will the dog enjoy being around children, or is it best suited to an adult only home? Will it cope sharing a home with other pets, or is it best as an only dog? Are you outdoorsy types who like to go hiking, or would you prefer a dog who is happy to snuggle up on the sofa with you? Our rehoming team will be very familiar with the needs of each of our dogs and the information you provide on your application form will help them to match you with the right dog.

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