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Aussie was abandoned early one morning at the side of the road. Our good friend Diana witnessed the callous act.  The man stopped his car got out dragging his dog behind him, he crossed the road and tied his dog to the fence.  Aussie watched helplessly as his master got back in the car and drove away leaving him to his fate.  Thankfully our wonderful friend Diana was driving down the road just minutes behind and witnessed the whole thing.  Diana pulled over, ran across the busy road and took him to safety.

Aussie is in the UK, he’s a very friendly boy and loves attention.  He can be rehomed with another calm friendly female dog but he isn’t cat friendly.  He would be best suited to an adult only home.  He will need a secure garden and nice long walks.  Aussie is very clever so he would benefit from enrichment games.
He has been living with a family, but sadly they have decided their home is not suited to Aussie, below is an update from them:-

Aussie is a stunningly handsome, beautiful dog who is bright and quick to learn.  Friendly and playful with everyone, even the postman and delivery people.  Happy loops and chase are his favourite activity as well as tug of war with a pair of socks, which he even manages to throw to himself.  Agile with long legs, Aussie can really move fast.

Clean in the house, he sleeps soundly at night downstairs and prefers a lay in rather than a really early start!   He is doing well with commands such as sit and recall, ‘lay down’ and ‘in your bed’ is work in progress.  Responds well to food rewards and seems to have a highly tuned nose.  He has learnt to stop mouthing with play, but sometimes forgets and will need work on that. He enjoys tummy rubs and is affectionate, but in his time and we wait for him to approach us, which he does regularly.  He likes his own space in the evening and doesn’t bother you at the dining room table, just an initial sniff then goes away.

At the rescue centre he lived in a yard with another female dog which he obviously adored.  Going to a home with another female dog could suit him well.  He has two walks a day and uses a harness.  On the whole he loves meeting other dogs to play with

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