1 Dog At A Time Rescue UK


Registered charity No.1167007


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Age : Date of birth 21st January 2019

Sex: Female

Size: Small/medium


Passport and vaccinations: Yes

Location: In UK foster home


Description: A lady found Gemma and her 2 siblings Greta and Gilly in a plastic bag on the road leading out of Bistrita, thrown away with all the other rubbish, unwanted and abandoned. The pups were just a few days old, their eyes were still closed. They were hungry and in desperate need of food, warmth and shelter. Their mummy dog was nowhere to be seen so, rather than abandon them,  the lovely lady who found them, took them to our vet who called Crina to come and get them.   Unfortunately, Happy's was full, we simply didn’t have any space,  so the lovely lady who found them said she would keep them in foster at her own home. We paid for all the vaccinations and other treatments they needed.


They have been very lucky little pups to have been found by such a caring lady, their personalities are beginning to emerge. Gemma is the beige coloured pup, she's patient and well behaved, extremely loving, and desperate to be loved.


All of this litter of pups are now in a UK foster home and we will update their progress shortly.


Weight 3 kgs

Height 8 “

Neck. 8”

Neck to back 11”

She’s pretty confident away from sisters.