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'A couple of months after loosing our beloved old Lurcher , me and my mum decided it was time to start looking for another furry friend. Quite by accident i stumbled across the 1 Dog Facebook page when a friend of mine shared the desperate plight of one of their dogs, we had never considered adopting from abroad and to be honest were originally thinking of getting a puppy but looking through all the pictures on the 1 dog page and seeing all those desperate faces we decided to go for it, I then spotted Dude (then Rusty) and immediately fell in love. We went through the home check process and agreed to adopt him. We went to pick him up a week after he arrived in the UK and the lovely lady that fostered him introduced us to another dog from 1 dog that she was fostering....the gorgeous LouLou. We ended up coming home with both of them! We took LouLou as a foster with view to adopt if she fitted in, it wasn't long before she had completely charmed us and we decided she was staying! They are the most loving, nice natured, intelligent (well LouLou is lol), gorgeous dogs and have settled in with us amazingly , in fact we loved them so much we then offered to foster two more so now have four 1 dog rescues living with us and they are all amazing! I would recommend a Romy rescue to anyone and the lovely people at 1 dog were a pleasure to deal with and made the whole process very easy.' Kate Whatley in Wiltshire

Dude & Lou Lou

Flossy & Frodo

'When I applied to 1 Dog about Flossy I had never heard of them and although Dek and I had talked about bringing another rescue into our family we had no real idea of what was coming. We drove down to Leicester and collected.the most terrified, smelly bag of bones we'd ever seen, on the first of August. We met some AMAZING people who have become good friends and our 1 Dog journey began. We headed off back to Scotand with our precious girl, our heads full of plans about what would happen when we got home. All the plans fell by the wayside, as we'd no idea how traumatised wee Floss would be. I've been a dog person since I was teeny and the prospect of Flossy being so shut down that she would be unable to engage hadn't even occurred to me, however I had commited to her and I couldn't show my husband, who is a BRILLIANT dog owner but newish to the game, that I was worried. On our journey home we stopped for Dek to get a coffee and I stayed in the car with Flossy. I gave her her first tripe filled bone, which she had demolished by the time Dek returned. She came out from her hiding place, which had been body wedged behind me and face jammed between the back seat and the car door, and watched me intently, quickly hiding away again if I as much as glanced her way. I had a box of puppy biscuits which she snatched from me every so often, when offered and I thought we were getting somewhere but when we got home, the terror returned at the prospect of leaving the car, which after the long journey, she seemed to believe was her new home. We carried her into the house and she darted to the dining room on her belly and hid. Dek and I had a conference and it was decided that we would have to bath her, even though it may be traumatic, reasoning that it would be the last bad thing to ever happen to her. The smell was unbelievable. I stank too after sitting in the car with her. She was a wretched wee soul. She sat in the bath, all cuddled into me, not because she wanted a cuddle but because she wanted to hide. Over the next few days we managed to persuade her to come out of the house, though we had to sit with the door open and watch from the stair, for a long time first but as she began to realise that Dek and I would feed her, but wouldn't hurt her, she grew a little in confidence to become the very cuddliest, snuggliest, prettiest girl on the planet, who now always smells slightly of my perfume, because of all the snuggles at my neck. Today we laugh at her airs and graces as she eats her meals with dainty aplomb, as we remember how it used to get inhaled. Of course now we have Frodo to inhale meals. He came in the middle of November. He used to have another mum but she got sick and could no longer care for him so he lost his home and his person and when I heard of his plight, I couldn't bear to leave him to his fate in the shelter, not understanding what was going on, so over he came. Frodo is VERY different from Flossy. He's a confident happy-go-lucky boy, who despite being at least as underweight as Flossy when he arrived, sees no danger in the world with EVERYTHING being a game! Dillies new mum and l picked him and Dillie (now Kitz) up halfway between here and Leicester and I think perhaps he was trying to eat us ladies on the way home. He's a curious giant puppy with a joie de vivre second to none, a huge mummy's boy and full of mischief. He's the best dog off the lead and walks with him are a joy. The first night I got him home I took him to a safe place at 2:00am to let him run, which he couldn't do very well, and let off some of his pent up steam. From that moment he decided I would be his person and that he was staying with me always. He's my constant companion, always checking I'm there, even coming to the bathroom to ensure my safety in the bath. They're very different, our three dogs. All with their own personality quirks and all as lovable as the next When a Romanian dog manages to survive long enough rescued you know how clever they are, otherwise they wouldn't have got that far. Of course we've had ups and.downs on the way and will have many more. I've sometimes thought "What have we taken on?" but every day is a joy and of course we have alot of friends in the same boat to ask for support if needed. The Romanians came here a little bit broken inside, with nothing but their personalities, and won our hearts. If it weren't for our Romi Family, Kitz wouldn't be here In Scotland and I've another friend who's going to be looking to adopt through 1 Dog soon, all because of beautiful Princess Flossy and hapless brother Frodo, both of whom Dek and I are privileged to enjoy, whether it's Flossy stealing all the hugs or Frodo, trying to steal all the wine, both claiming it's "what happens in the old country". They're still learning how to be treasured Scottish pets. to share their journey and that of all their friends and our 1 Dog family, watching them all flourish and grow together.' Tomanna (Babitsa) in Scotland

Max & Lady

'Having sadly lost 2 dogs in 2015 we decided as a family that we would like to offer a dog in need a home. I hadn't heard of 1 dog or the plight that dogs in Romania face until I noticed posts from an old friend Joanna Wooliscroft. I started to check the 1 dog website on a regular basis and after a discussion with the family decided that's where are next fury friend would come from. I contacted 1 dog and filled in the adoption form and shortly afterwards received a home check - the next job (the hardest one) was choosing - looking at all those faces desperately needing a home. We shortlisted to about 20!! But then I had a phone call with Jayne ... Well she was absolutely fantastic, we spoke for over an hour and discussed home circumstances, our black lab and who out of the dogs would fit in (we had decided by then to adopt 2) so Jayne also discussed which dogs would live well together. The list of 20 then reduced to about 5..... So still a tough decision but again as a family we chose Max and Lady. Well nearly 3 months since they arrived and we couldn't be happier (I still have a twinge of guilt about the ones we didn't choose but they all have homes now:) the characters of Max and Lady are exactly as described and much much more - I have had dogs all my life, I have had rescues, all shapes and sizes, old dogs, young dogs etc but I would never go anywhere else to adopt a furry friend than 1 dog/ Romania. The whole experience has been an absolute pleasure and the people at 1 dog; the founders, the volunteers both in the UK and in Romania are wonderful people that are there for support whenever you need it and also to share your experiences. All I can say from myself, my family both 2 and four legged is thank you, you have made our home and family complete and very happy xxx all our love the Murphy's' Victoria Murphy in Leicestershire


'We first saw Rafa on the 1 Dog Facebook page and instantly fell in love with him. We left a message on the picture of him and within a few hours he was reserved for us pending the filling out of an adoption form and a home visit. Both of which were handled perfectly and efficiently. We have had Rafa now for 6 months and can’t imagine life without him. He is a fantastic dog in so many ways. We had a few teething problems at the start of his life with us but Jayne and the rest of the team were always there with help and advice along with the other adopters. This is a truly professional and well run outfit and does such great work to get these wonderful dogs the care and the homes that they so deserve.

I cannot recommend highly enough.' Ian Rea in Lichfield

Willow & Anca

'Early July 2015, a friend of mine put a post on her facebook page, of a sorrowful looking dog, in a horrible metal cage, curled up on just a wooden pallet. Her name was Flossy, I fell in love and had to find out where she was, and if I could get her. Unfortunately I was not lucky, but that was the start of my journey with 1 Dog. I saw all the appeals for Willow and Anca. They were a bonded pair and needed to be found a home together. I was not looking for another dog really, let alone two!! I already had two lovely dogs. But I kept looking at their faces, and decided I had to help, a few tears later, and a bit of pleading to my very understanding husband I decided to offer them a forever home. My homecheck was organised as a matter of urgency, as there was only a few days to get it done, so the girls could get their golden ticket for the freedom bus!  From seeing them on the 1 Dog page to me picking them up at Chievley took just 3 weeks!!! Jayne and the 1 Dog team made everything happen so easily. Perfect.

From the day I picked them up, I knew they were going to be with me for the rest of their lives. Anca is a little cheeky monkey and is very pushy, and wants to be stroked and have her paw held all the time. She was the first to settle right in. She is very sweet, and will roll over on her back to have her tummy stroked as much as possible. Willow took much longer to settle, and it took 5 months for the hollow look to disappear from her eyes! She took just as much time to really trust us, but we have let her go at the pace she was comfortable with, and now 7 months on she has blossomed into the most gorgeous, loving, gentle dog you could ever want. she is set in some of her ways, recall is not her strong point, but that is a minor problem.

The joy these two wonderful dogs have brought to our lives is unbelievable. I could not imagine life with out my big "fluffball" and my "little tank"! The team at 1Dog do such a remarkable job, and they give their hearts and souls to help these dogs. Jayne and Crina are truly inspirational. Thank you SO much for bringing these 2 lovely dogs into our lives.'

Pippa and Derek Scott in Devon.



'My wife (Jo) and I had rescued a dog (Maia) quite locally back in January 2015 and we had felt much rewarded by the experience. However we had only ever had sketchy ideas of owning another, possibly in a few years to help keep Maia young and reassured as she got older.

Scroll forward to January 9th 2016 and Jo and I are having dinner when she shows me a Facebook picture of a dog who looked a little similar to our own back then. We had not heard of either the plight of Romanian dogs abandoned on the streets, or indeed the ‘One Dog at a Time’ charity. ‘Troy’ looked very young and scared and Jo started to float the idea of simply ‘registering an interest’ such that if nobody else wanted him we would give him the same sort of opportunity that had allowed Maia to flourish.

After a couple of large glasses of wine I was persuaded (in truth not that difficult) that we should put our name down and then Jo explained she was glad I had agreed because she already had done it !!

It seemed quite surreal to consider we had emotionally committed to a dog we didn’t know and in Romania, but Jo spoke to the team at 1 Dog and they explained and reassured us that we could really make this happen and it would be fine. June and Jayne at ‘1 Dog’ seem to have developed a doggy sixth sense when it comes to matching homes and hounds.

House check and paperwork completed and that was pretty much it, much simpler than you might think. We then spent what seemed like a very long time scanning the web site and Facebook pages for pictures of our new dog. Bonding with him via the web although he had no idea about us did feel strange but strangely compulsive.

Cometh the trip we with the other adopters were equally excited and anxious for all the dogs coming over, but eventually the van doors slid open and we met ‘Troy the boy’ for the first time.

He had struggled with the journey and was clearly very scared but after a bath and introductions to our 4 year old daughter and Maia he started to settle. I slept on the sofa for three nights to help him with any initial anxiety and yes I then remembered how tired you are at three in the morning when the lad needs to go to the toilet!  

What a real character he is, you have to remember these dogs have had some tuff times in their lives but watching him improve and grow in confidence every day is quite amazing. We are making the transition to having him in our life as he is, being in ours. There is something truly unique about giving one of these dogs a chance and you can’t help feel uplifted by the experience.

We would not, or could not have achieved this without the excellent team at ‘1 Dog at a Time’ team who have proved very professional, organised and attentive to all our queries and questions. As a result of the UK Charity staff and the absolutely amazing volunteers in Romania, Troy is now enjoying his first family home, walks in the country, love and affection and is going from strength to strength (literally) every day. He went to his first puppy class yesterday and was a star of course.

Jo has always rescued dogs but Maia was actually the first dog I have owned, and if buying a puppy from a breeder is your thing then that’s your right to choose. However regardless of your experience if you think you could offer one of these dogs a caring home, after what some of them have been through they really deserve a chance at some happiness. I would without hesitation absolutely endorse ‘1 Dog’ team as a great way of making that altruistic thought a living, breathing, barking, loving reality. When Troy looks at us in the eye we at him trust me ‘he just knows’ and that is absolutely priceless…as indeed he is. '

John & Jo Harrisonn in Lichfield , Staffordshire


'I came across 1 Dog At A Time Rescue by accident (or fate) on Facebook. Out of curiosity, I flicked through the photos of the dogs needing new homes.....and there she was, this tiny little creature with the biggest eyes.....and well...that was it. I was hooked....and I had to have her. I messaged 1 Dog & they sent all the forms through, explained the procedure then arranged a home visit. A lovely lady came and talked to us, met our other dog and made sure our home and our circumstances matched the needs of Pearl. Luckily for both of us, we were a perfect match. Jayne called me and went through everything and what would happen next....she truly is an angel and a total inspiration..... you'll get what I mean when you speak to her! Anyway, we were updated with photos and videos all through the waiting period & we saw our little girl growing up fast at Happy's. The staff there absolutely dote on each and everyone of their dogs, it's heart warming to see. I was so impressed at how much interaction and play Pearl had with the other dogs. That put my mind at ease, knowing that was one thing I didn't have to worry about when she arrived in the UK. When the time came for her to come over on the 'freedom bus', myself and the other adopters were updated every single step of the way. We literally could track their movements. The other adopters and I bonded over messages & shared our excitement as the time grew closer. Jayne was constantly in touch with info, dates, times, what to bring, what to do, what no to do. When we picked Pearl up, 1 Dog arranged for kind of an 'advisor' to be there also, to go through anything we were unsure about, take lots of photos and share in the joy. Pearl has been home a week & she is honestly the sweetest, funniest, cheekiest little creature ever! She has learned so quickly and just wants to please. Our other dog has become her protector, her play mate and you can see the bond growing every day. She is a total joy. The first few days were stressful and hardwork, Im not going to lie, but Jayne, Crina (in Romania) and the other adopters were on hand constantly to answer any questions, ease our fears and we shared our stories and little tips on how to help the dogs settle. It was the best decision I ever made, to adopt from 1 Dog. They work tirelessly for these lost souls & it comes across in everything they do. It is absolutely wonderful and a unique experience. So if you have space in your heart and your home, then go for it, you won't be disappointed. I am proud to be part of the 1 Dog family.'

Susan Johnson in Manchester