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Age : Date of birth January 2019

Sex: Female

Size: Medium to large

Neutered: No

Passport and vaccinations: Yes

Location: UK foster home


Description: This is Sophie  she is sharing a kennel with the other pups that were thrown over Miss Eli's wall. She's about the same age as them and is happier with company of other pups.


Sophie got run over on the busy street and was left outside the vets by a friendly local.  She does have a problem with her  leg. Our vet has looked at it but he feels she doesnt need anything doing to it, it's badly brusied and will heal. We will obviously keep an eye on it and make sure she has any further treatement should she need it.


Update from Foster Home:  Sophie is a very loving playful girl who is great with all our dogs and boys. She is wary of my husband at times and this is the only time I have heard her bark so the man in the family who is lucky enough to adopt her will have to be patient with her.  She is good on her lead in the garden and is clean in the house. Cuddles, love and play are plentiful with Sophie and she really is a beautiful girl.