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Age :  Approx 3.5 months

Sex:   Female

Size:  Small

Neutered:  Not yet too young

Passport and vaccinations: Yes

Location:  UK foster home




Millie is very sweet and friendly.  She is now in a UK foster home.  She is doing well with toilet training and lead work.  She is living with other dogs and socialising well with them.


Update from foster home:


Millie has been with us just over a week now. She is sweet and friendly. She likes strokes and the occasional cuddle though much prefers to interact and play with Annie. She has bounds of energy and is constantly on the go (you need eyes in the back of your head!) . She rarely naps during the day for long. She enjoys playing with toys and as a puppy, she is at the developmental stage of being into everything and will chew anything she fancies if your not on top of her.


Millie plays very rough with Annie but she does not nip or mouth humans. She has an awareness that my old springer likes to be left alone in peace and she has never bothered him. She is very inquisitive and will follow you from room to room and watch what you're doing. She doesn't like the hoover but is not afraid or fazed by other household noises.


Millie sleeps in a crate in my bedroom at night, she sleeps through the night and is clean and dry. We have tried putting her crate downstairs but she is not secure enough for this to be a positive experience for her yet.


She is doing well with toilet training and is taken outside every hour where she will always wee. There are still accidents in the house but she will walk around in circles sniffing so it is easy to tell the signs and take her outside.


Recall is very much a work in progress, she sometimes recognises her name but often doesnt.

Millie has been out a couple of times, we have walked her to the beach. She shows no fear or reaction to traffic or people. She is friendly with other dogs and people that she has met.


Although Millie appears happier with doggy company than human company at the moment, she is vigilant of your whereabouts and she does not like to be left alone. She can be very vocal about this, as seen on the dog cam this morning when i went to the local shop for around 30 minutes. Millie needs to be in a crate when left or she will be destructive. I have a puppy pen but she can push this over so a crate is the most secure option.


Millie eats well, she is currently on arden grange puppy/junior. I mix a little wet food with it  (pets at home step up to naturals puppy food) because she is more interested in play and interaction than eating. She is fed 3 times a day. There is always kibble down for the other dogs but she takes no interest in this.


As she has only been with me for a week, she will continue to change and develop.