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Age :  1 year

Sex:  Male

Size: Small

Neutered:  Yes

Passport and vaccinations: Yes

Location:  UK foster home


Description:  Haji, or Haj for short, is a friendly little dog. He can be a bit nervous of strangers, but once he gets to know them he is fine. He is house trained, he will generally bark when he needs to go out.


He will bark at strange sounds, but once he knows they are "normal" sounds he will settle down. He is fine with dogs his own size but can be nervous of bigger dogs., He walks well on the lead especially if you have treats in your pocket, but he can pull slightly so a flexi lead or a long training lead is best.  We think he has some terrier in him so recall when off lead is something that needs working on, so far he has only been let off lead on the beach.


He is fine with children but he doesnt really know how to play so doesnt engage with toys. He does love a tummy tickle and will paw at your feet or nibble your toes and then roll over to have his tummy tickled.


He’s got some funny little quirks such as when a siren goes past he will put his head back and howl for as long as he can hear it, it’s so funny and makes us laugh every time. We feel he would be best suited to an older couple who have time for him or people who have older children and no other pets. He is not suitable to live with cats.