1 Dog At A Time Rescue UK


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Here are 5 top ways you can help us by raising funds during Covid 19 Coronavirus times.


1. Why not set yourself a personal "lockdown" challenge. Try the 20 20 challenge. This can be 20 mins of ANY activity, it doesn't have to be running, you could walk, skip, hop, play football (in your garden) walk around the block or around your garden walk up and down your stairs. Ride a bike or roller skates? Dance or do some gardening, or how about a hula hoop challenge? You know what will work for you the best and you can be as creative as you like. We could even give a prize for the most creative 20 20 challenge. Start your own fundraiser just click here



2. Wear what you wish - Hold a virtual fancy dress party and invite people to dress up as something they would 'wish' to be. Think mermaid, pirate, or maybe your favourite princess or superhero! Enjoy online party games and perhaps have a prize for the best dressed person. Charge a small entry fee for everyone invited and charge those that don't dress up double. Donate thr money raised to us click here.  



3. Have a  Virtual Bake-off - Perhaps you can give Mary Berry a run for her money? With more of your friends and family, why not host a bake-a-long on Zoom or Skype. Asking your friends to contribute to your fundraising page, you could even have a decorating competition.

For those of you a bit more competitive, why not pay a donation to take part in a bake off. Choose a theme, and a date, and ask colleagues or friends not taking part to judge the best looking bakes. Then donate the funds raised to us via paypal charity bank Nat West sort code 60 24 60 account number 15726916


4. Donate whatever you’re not spending money on - your daily commute or a takeaway coffee. child care (!), petrol, treats at the till, or haircuts?

The average cost of a takeaway coffee is around £2.50 (depending on type and size) so if you had 2 coffee's a week over a month that would be £20. You could set up a regular monthly payment to us of £20 whilst you are in lockdown. Email us on [email protected] to find out more.


5. Have a clear out and donate your spoils to us for our auction. We have regular monthly auctions and we really do have some wonderful things to bid on. All items are donated so if you can help us by donating items or by bidding on items (or both) then that really is a great way to give us your ongoing support.




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Click image to join the 1 Dog at a time Rescue UK Auctions page.

6. Join in our regular facebook auctions. Click on the picture above to join in and to make a bid.


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