1 Dog At A Time Rescue UK


Registered charity No.1167007


We urgently need foster homes in the UK to help the dogs in their transition from the life in the public shelters or on the streets, to a normal life in a home. Foster homes are needed preferably in Oxfordshire, or surrounding counties in the UK. If you feel you could offer to foster one of our dogs then please fill out our Adoption/Foster Registration Form and we will get in touch.  Unless our dog has been in a foster home and can be tested with sticks and walking frames we cannot be sure how they will react to any members of the household who may use such items.



We need loving secure forever homes for these dogs that have suffered so much.  Homes where they can have a chance of a normal life and some well deserved TLC that they have lacked so far in their lives.

Our dogs have very little life and homes experience; therefore, we need to consider very carefully which homes are a good match.

Dogs in Romania are, understandably, frightened by sticks, walking frames, umbrellas, poles, brooms, garden rakes, garden strimmer’s etc. Many of these items are frequently used to beat and torment or abuse the street dogs so it’s understandable that they are wary of people who carry or use them.

If you are interested in adopting one of our lovely dogs please fill out our Adoption/Foster Registration Form and we will be in touch.


Before and after pictures of some lucky dogs rescued from the public shelter.