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Registered charity No.1167007


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Age : Date of Birth 1/5/15

Sex:  Male

Size:  medium

Neutered: Yes

Passport and vaccinations: Yes

Location:  In UK foster


Description:   Bob is a medium size male. It’s fair to say most dogs we rescue from the streets we can only guess as to the horrors they have had to endure, however, sadly we know this poor poor boys story.


Yesterday we had a call from a man who said he had found a dog, could we take him. We have recently had transport leave with our dogs on going to their nnew homes in the UK, so we had room to take Bob.


When he arrived at Happys we saw a petrified boy being pulled out from a truck. Crina met the man and asked where he had found him this dog. His answer was "Oh he’s my dog and I don’t want him any more. We had 2 dogs but the other one was ugly and older than this one so I killed him. My wife hates the dogs and beats them he’s no good for anything, but he’s young so I brought him to you."    Crina took Bob and told the man to leave.


The saddest thing of all is that poor Bob watched as this man drove away. Up until now that man was all he had known.

Bob is now safe at Happys. It will take him time to settle and learn to trust again. He is terrified of women. One thing we can promise you is that the angels at Happys will show him what it’s like to be truly loved. Once Bob is fully vaccinated and had all the time he needs to recover we will be looking for a very special home for him. If you feel this is with you please get in touch, fill out a registration form on our website  and if Bobs story has touched your heart please take a moment to share for him.


Bob is now in one of our UK foster homes and we will update his progress shortly.



Neck 17 “

Height 23

Shoulders to back 22

Weight approx 24kgs